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Monday, February 22, 2016

Whole 30 update

Well, it took 4 days, but I lost the 3+ pounds I gained from ONE DAY of carb loading.  It's funny (not really) how losing weight while eating Whole 30 compliant was a fraction of a pound per day, yet I load up on carbs on reintro gluten day and BAM 3 pounds overnight. Retaining water? Probably. Bloated? Definitely. 

I've kind of decided that when I choose to have gluten grains, I will most definitely limit them to one meal a day. 

My mom stopped by yesterday - she brought me an orchid for Valentine's Day. She's pretty thin. The weight she does have, she carries in her middle. She said that her doctor (who is Vietnamese) told her if she wanted to lose it to cut the carbs. My mom pretty much lives on bread and pasta. Not big on meat.

Carbs...what are you gonna do?