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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Deals deals deals...

Would you believe I really haven't done any after Christmas shopping?  Today I went to Michael's with a friend at lunch time and bought a Christmas book for Georgia for next year...and some chocolate covered sunflower seeds for me. Then I met a girlfriend for dinner and zipped on over to Beall's afterward - not really to shop, but rather to see if they still had the Quiksilver flip flops that I got my brother for Christmas (a size too small). They did! $24, on clearance for what? $8.80. Sold. I actually bought 2 pair. The 2nd pair has the same design as the Quiksilver USB flash drive I bought him for his birthday - I just thought it was funny, so I bought them. Those were $6. Then I picked up 3 big containers of chocolate covered sunflower seeds - because they were 70% off and dang it they're yummy! Even at 70% off they were still $4.50 each. My annual treat :-)  I also snagged a woven / straw Quiksilver sun hat, a glittery 4th of July tee shirt for Georgia and a blown glass starfish ornament to put away for next year. 

I also conned Mr. P into popping into Pier 1 before we went to do the weekly BJ's shopping trip as I had seen a few Christmas things on their website that I wanted. The online inventory checker is not 100% accurate, but I did get some good buys and they had half the store on clearance, I stuck to my little holiday list though. I picked up some mini reed diffusers in holiday scents, lip balm, body wash, hand soap, and a couple other little things. They did not have the stocking holders that I wanted - I realized sort of last minute this year that my "stocking holder" was no longer available and I didn't have a place to put the socks this year! They used to get hung (via large twisted paperclips) on the three panel folding rattan screen that used to be in my living room...and now isn't. Instead I have a 4x4 Expidt bookcase. So now i'm on a mission to find stocking holders. If I don't find what i'm looking for without spending a fortune, I suppose i'll resort to Command hooks.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! Happy New Year!