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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's been awhile - yet my first post is asking for money.

I have plenty to catch up on here, but this is more important. Back in high school I met a sweet, bubbly girl named Nicole. Today she's a happily married mom to three beautiful daughters...only now she's fighting for her life. She was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and has been doing everything possible to fight it so she can get back to being the awesome mommy that her girls need. She's going to Germany for a promising treatment that isn't available in the US. A fundraiser is being held to help pay for the expenses and treatment. When she's here, we can help her with getting the kids to and from school, doing laundry, housekeeping and cooking because she's so physically drained from the treatments that she can't and because she needs to spend her time with the girls and her husband. Obviously, the whole crew isn't going to Germany with her - but we can help pay to save her life!

You can read her story here, as well as make a donation. Even if it's only $1 - it adds up!

If you happen to be in Central Florida - there's also a local event coming up!

If nothing else, you can keep her family in your thoughts and prayers - it's free and appreciated :-)