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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday deals...

Well, MY Sunday deals.

As usual - went out to breakfast at IHOP and Sonia hooked us up - no charge for the drinks - woo hoo! Thanks Sonia (hey, that's almost $5 these days)!

Onward to BJs - would you believe I didn't go with coupons? I know...weird. I did however use one that they had at the front door.

Today's scores were mostly for Gigi.

Clearance finds: 8oz drop in bottle liners 200/$4. I bought 3 boxes. She's not up to 8oz yet - she's only 9 weeks old (today!), but hey, she will be in no time. I also got the only box of 8oz bottles on clearance. $2.50/4 - except 1 was missing, except for the cap (weird, but whatever). They also had 184ct boxes of Pampers sz 2 diapers for $31.99 - regularly $42.99...went to look in the diaper section and they're on clearance because the box has a new design and "plus 5 free" or something like that. Whatever - $11 off? Yep, i'm going back because I DIDN'T have my coupons. 

They also had a coupon for $5 off a case of Shell motor oil. Remember when oil was less than $1 a bottle? It wasn't that long ago. Oh and the F350 takes 15 QUARTS - seriously, it's like $150 to do an oil change on that thing. only has to be done twice a year and the guy at International Harvester gives us a deal on that mega pricey oil filter every time we go in. *whew* Anywho - one of the suppliers hooked Mr. Paisley up at work when he was out servicing one of the thingies at work. The hubs said something like "I'd hate to have to service this thing, it's bad enough doing my personal truck" and they got to talking and the guy gave him 5 gallons of Rotella (oil). SUHWEET! That, plus one case with a $5 off coupon (also has a $2 instant coupon on the Rotella) means all the oil for 2 oil changes is only $28! Rock on...

My other deal was a 3 pack of mop head covers for my new Shark Steam Mop (2 rectangle, 1 triangle) on clearance for $14.40. Looking at them on Amazon, it appears to be a deal. I probably didn't post about my Shark Steam Mop deal since i've been MIA for a few weeks. I was told it was the best thing ever for the new wood floors (yeah, that post is coming...sit tight) so I looked at it at BJ's. $99.99. Really didn't want to pay that much for it. Saw that it was on sale for the same price at Kohl's in the Sunday paper, but then got a catalog in the mail from them with the infamous peelie for 15%, 20% or 30% off when you use your Kohl's card. WOOT! This time I got the 30%. SOLD - so off I went on my lunch break and got me a new steam mop. I've only used it twice thus far, but holy crap was I impressed when I did the kitchen (which I have to say has been neglected for a while...). So not only did I get it for $69.99, but I also got $10 in Kohl's Cash. Sweet...Kohl's had 2 versions for that price. One with the XL water tank and 2 pads with the rectangular head or the regular one which has the rectangle and triangle head plus 1 extra rectangle pad (so 3 pads total). I got the one with the 2 heads. The kitchen didn't use half the water in the tank so I'm pretty sure I made the right choice.

I didn't get any other deals today.

A big steelhead trout fillet for $13 (dinner tonight, plus lunch for both of us tomorrow)
1 bunch of bananas for the iguanas $1.29
1 bag of collard greens for the iguanas $2.99
1 24pk of BJ assorted soda (so Mr. P will stop drinking my diet root beer) for $4.99
1 bag of Tyson individual wrap chicken breasts 6.5lb for $16.99 - yes I know it's cheaper to get the 10lb bag for $19.99, but the individually wrapped ones taste SO MUCH BETTER. I get the 10lb bag for when i'm making chicken noodle soup cause I use up a lot of them at once. The individually wrapped ones are only for when we're having marinated chicken of some sort for dinner (which is pretty frequently).  I'm willing to pay more for them.
1 double box of Wheat Thins (gonna make buffalo chicken dip) for $5.99, plus a $1.75 coupon from the front of the store.
1 box of whole white mushrooms $3.49 - stuff shrooms anyone?
That's it - not an exciting shopping trip except for the baby scores.

My other score is paint for the master bedroom. Sherwin-Williams is 40% off this weekend. The bedroom is going to get a little darker. Color matching some Bher paint chips - something along the lines of what is already in there, only a few shades darker for each color. Needs a little change...and NON FLAT paint (what was I thinking?) with all the furniture out of there, I can't believe how BAD the walls look...and we don't have kids! It's just 2 adults who sleep in there. Yuck.

Here's a sneak peek - we took advantage of the $10/$50 Lowe's coupon from Facebook last weekend, plus the $10/$50 that printed on the receipt to do a little bit of landscape work in the back. 

 I have 6 of these little hanging buckets that now house white begonias.

Speaking of the back's another of my deals I haven't had time to post. Lucked into it two weeks ago at BJs. The Fiskars Rain Harvesting System. We've looked at it every year for ??? 4 years? 5 years? when they put them out with the Spring Gardening stuff. They had 3 on clearance for $40. SOLD. They're normally $99 at BJ's. Super excited about that one. Don't you know that as soon as we got it hooked up, we had MEGA RAIN and now I have 58 gallons of rain water to water said landscape additions.
and since you can see it in the of the Amaryllis is in bloom back there behind the gate.
I'll be cutting that in the morning and putting it on my desk at work.