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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Robin's Nest

I took some updated photos at Robin's Nest at the end of September. Here they are - there are a lot of new primitive items that my Aunt Alyce blessed me with on the 2 somewhat unexpected side trips to Ohio.

Her last home was filled with primitive and country decor. Her new house is more French Glam. She likes to change it up when she moves.

This is a really crooked photo of the upstairs bedroom - the gorgeous braided rug under the bed came from Aunt Alyce
 A less crooked shot at the foot of the bed - a couple of trips ago we replaced the glass door to the upper deck and it hasn't been stained yet, but the glass is CLEAN which is a lot more than I can say about the old door
 The bathroom upstairs
 The vanity outside the upstairs bathroom
 The old yellow bamboo dresser after the make-over
 The shelf over the door is a little short compared to the ones downstairs - however it was one that was in a closet at the Paisley Cottage (it was in the house when I bought it)
 The upstairs deck - it looks really tiny - it's small, but larger than it looks in the picture. It is also brand new - Mr. Paisley ripped off the old one in order to fix the leak in the roof of the screened porch below it.
 Finally hung up the stuff over the headboard...
 New artwork on the wall of the staircase and the candle holder at the top of the stairs is an Aunt Alyce piece as well as the three panels on the side wall

 Fall mantle - the Canada Goose came from Alyce - I LOVE it - I just need to add an off center hook for it
 The framed print came from Alyce - as did the glass milk bottles that don't really show up (in front of the red milk can)
 Nothing new here...but it needs an update
 The glittery goose...errr swan? on the far left was from Alyce and I added the thread spindles below the birdhouse print
 LOVE this red console table - yep it came from Alyce. It fits that space perfectly and leaves more room beside the bed with that bench there. The plate holder and battery candle were also from Alyce (the plate came from Marshall's)
 The 5000 pound teak bench was a gift from my in-laws. It is super cool.
 This is a hot mess in the downstairs bedroom. The framed basket print is from Alyce - the shutters are a pending project and the picture in the chair is just there because I didn't put it away.
 The screened porch - clearly, this needed the flash.
 Also from Alyce - there was a wooden pocket star here that now has a new home in the hallway.
 While I love this old bench that I grabbed from my Florida neighbor's trash pile, it doesn't quite take the place of the one in the Paisley Pumpkin banner that was stolen. However...there IS a real bench on my front porch in Florida that will make it's way to Robin's Nest on our next trip. It's a project in progress - you'll see the project here before you see it on the deck at the Nest. Stay tuned ;-)
 Gotta decorate for fall in the mountains!
 Voila! Robin's Nest - almost done with the fresh stain - the dogwoods were starting to turn pinky red at the end of September. Come spring when it's warm enough to stain again, the dormers will get cleaned and stained and we will be good to go!