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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Next Project at the Paisley Cottage

Up next at the Paisley Cottage is new beds! Yep - plural. More than one. Years ago I fell in love with the Stratton beds from Pottery Barn.

Stratton Bed with Drawers 

Now this bed is not really new - it's basically a Captain's Bed. For whatever reason Captain's Beds come in twin and full. At least in the US. I guess if you live in the US you should have no need for under bed storage. Well - here at the Paisley Cottage we have bed risers to have MORE room to shove crap stuff we can't live without under the bed. We are also not willing to downsize to a full size bed. BTDT. Maybe it's been the downturn in the economy, maybe Americans are reassessing priorities, maybe it's just because of the most recent generation of adults - whatever the reason - Queen size storage beds are not really difficult to find now. While I am a huge fan of Pottery Barn stuff, i'm totally not a fan of Pottery Barn prices even though I can afford them. I'm working on my retirement plan baby! Save save save!

Thank you Ana White for the plans to build the Stratton bed. I had it figured out from the furniture specs in the PB catalog, but having ACTUAL plans makes things much easier. 

Mr. Paisley will begin building two of these in the very near future. One for the master bedroom and one for the guest room. We really need a new mattress and I refuse to buy one to throw it on a crummy bed frame that won't be doing it any favors. So once one is built, I will be mattress shopping! 

So with this new bed - I don't really want a comforter. I feel like the bedding should be tucked in around the edges - clearly PB has a comforter on theirs - it just seems like it would be in the way of the drawers. I thought I might switch to a coverlet or a quilt. Something less...fluffy. I found this number at The Country Door  (and at Orvis back when it was in stock in all sizes).

They call it September Dance. I call it...perfect. Funny thing...see that leaf canvas next the lamp? There's another behind the vase that you can barely see. I have that set of canvases. They're in the family room above the shelf over the TV. I bought them from Seventh Avenue (a sister catalog to The Country Door) a number of years ago. It's a sign right? Anywho...while I love the quit (it's olive green on the reverse) it is $129.99. Shams sold separately...except they had no shams in stock (they do now). Who is buying shams without the quilt?  They are $29.99 each. So for a Queen set that's $190 + shipping. I skipped it - since the shams weren't available.  Ok and because i'm cheap frugal.

I was looking at Lakeside Collection's website because there were a few things I wanted to pick up from a recent catalog. So I found those things and was ready to check out and decided I should check out the SALE section. O.M.G. I did a double take. And then I went to Pinterest to look it up in my BEDDING BOARD just to make sure I was right. It's not identical, but it is really, really close. Same fabric prints, same over all design - if you zoom in on the photos on the Orvis or Country Living sites you will see that the leaves in the large cream center square are done in multiple sizes - which I do like a little better, but i'm not sure if it's enough to pay twice the price. Also the reverse is a plain quilted ivory, rather than olive with a small leaf print.
Their stock photo isn't doing it any favors with those purple walls...
There is my bedding...and CHEAP. Like half price cheap. $39.95 for the Queen quilt and $7.95 each for the IN STOCK shams. Are you kidding?! And I get 1% back (hey...every little bit counts right?) from Mr. Rebates.  That's a whopping $55.85+ shipping (which was $19.95 but I bought nearly $100 worth of other stuff (I just put another set in my cart and it would have been $11.95 for just the quilt and shams to be shipped).  Woo hoo! 

Here it is on my current bed...

My cell phone and the overhead light in the bedroom are also not doing it any favors LOL It's not mauve. I promise :-)