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Sunday, May 1, 2011


No not the low price supermarket, but me. Queen Save-a-lot.

Today's trip to BJ's was pretty darn good.

3 lbs of bananas
1 bag of Chex Mix ($5.99, free w/ purchase of 4pk Coke product)
4 2L bottles of Diet Coke (instant rebate $.62 - i'm not even going to ask, but i'll take it)
2 box of Low Fat Chocolate Chunk Quaker granola bars ($.75/2 manuf + $4/3 products combo w/ salsa)
1 box (6ct) Barber stuffed chicken breasts ($2 BJs coupon)
6 box Barrilla elbow mac (instant rebate $2)
6 box Barrilla Plus Spaghetti / Angel Hair pasta combo ($1 BJs coupon)
1 box Fiber Plus "granola" bars ($2.50 BJs coupon)
1 box (13ct) Lean Pockets ($2 BJs coupon)
2 lg containers of Sorrento Ricotta cheese (2 $1 manuf coupons + $4/2 BJs coupon  - made it just over $4 - reg price $5.19 each)
1 box (10pk) Good Season's Italian dressing packets ($1.75 BJs coupon + $5/3 products combo w/ CB cheese)
1 lg jug of Tostitos Salsa
2 pks of Cracker Barrel cracker slices cheese (2 $1 off manuf coupons + $2 off BJ's coupon)
1 jug 160 load Arm & Hammer liquid detergent ($4 off BJs coupon)
1 bucket 250 load Arm & Hammer powder detergent ($5 off BJs coupon + $1/2 manuf coupon combo w/ liquid detergent) 

That was $23.98 for 410 loads of laundry. Or $.06 per load - can't make my homemade detergent for that price...might as well buy it!

$94.97 - out of pocket

$50.11 - total savings

Not bad for a warehouse club 'eh?

What I saved more than paid to fill up my gas tank...even at BJ's the premium is $4.04 *ouch*

I used 2 high dollar "buy X of these products get $x off" in addition to coupons for most of the items.

For example I had one that was buy 3 get $5 off. I got the 2 Cracker Barrel cheese slices and the Italian Dressing. The cheese was $6.99 each (minus $1 manuf. coupon for each, plus a $2 off BJ's coupon), the dressing mix was also $6.99 (minus $1.75 BJs coupon)  Total: $20.97 - $5.75 in BJs + Manuf coupons = $15.22 - $5 coupon for buying 3 items = $10.22

I saved about 35%

On a side note, we just got back from Robin's Nest, Mr. Paisley is on call (meaning working all weekend and some evenings) and we are scrambling like mad to get the house ready for the party at the end of the month.

To do list includes:
finish wood floors
finish painting
make slip cover for living room sofa
move furniture and return items to their rightful "home" (from moving everything to do the floors)
general cleaning
rehang blinds, shelves, artwork, etc
rework front flower beds
clean the outdoor furniture (I detest this task)
finish the tile in the master bathroom

there's more - but the "more" is more likely to get edited off the list due to lack of time. 

Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter - here's our little Easter Bunny!