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Saturday, May 7, 2011

What's the latest Buzz about?

Nope, it's not yo mama. It's one of my BZZ CAMPAIGNS! If you've been following me for awhile, you've seen my BZZ before. If not, click the link above and sign up if you want!  Short version, i'm a BZZ Agent - that means I signed up with Bzz and filled out some profile stuff, answered some surveys, etc and based on my answers they send me offers to join "campaigns" for new products. Many times this means when I decide to join one of the campaigns, they send me a box of goodies to try for free. Free you say? Yep, free I say. Free because we all know that the BEST advertising is word of mouth...which is...FREE. Sometimes you get a significant discount on an item to try out - but that's not the case this time, so i'm not going to explain that part. I don't get paid to spread the word, I just get some free stuff to try out and they want me to speak my mind about it. 

This BZZ KIT came the day we left to go to Robin's Nest, so I didn't get to it before we left, but i'm getting to it now!

It's MAKE-UP! Woohoo - what girl doesn't love free make-up?

 My package...
 My Welcome to the Campaign letter...
 Woohoo - make-up! The new Covergirl NatureLuxe collection - if it's good enough for Taylor Swift, I guess it's good enough for me right? The foundation is laying on my Bzz Guide - that's a little booklet that tells me everything I ever wanted to know about what they sent me. By the way, I got to pick my foundation and lip gloss shade when I signed up for the campaign.
Coupons!I have 5 $2 off any 1 NatureLuxe silk foundation - if you're interested, email me your mailing address at and i'll drop one in the mail to the firs 5 folks who do.

According to the BZZ Guide
  • 3 out of 4 professional make-up artists would recommend the NatureLuxe collection to their clients
  • NatureLuxe exchanges select heavy synthetics for carefully-chosen natural ingredients for a lightweight feel (things like cucumber water, jojoba and rosehip exracts)
  • the gloss balm contains a lightweight blend of mango, shea and other natural butters that 9 out of 10 make-up artists would recommend for sheer color and no sticky feel
  • the foundation also has an oil-free, SPF 10 and comes in 14 shades!
  • the gloss balm comes in 16 shades and has a SPF of 15
First off, I quit wearing liquid foundation years ago and switched over to one of those fancy mineral brands, but I decided to try this stuff out.

I like it. I like it a lot. I put it on with a make-up sponge and it goes on fabulously! Blends really well and best of all it doesn't feel like i'm wearing liquid make-up! We are not into the full on 150% humidity 100 degree Florida summer yet, but it has been rather hot and humid and this make-up has stayed put - that is a huge deal in Florida.

The gloss balm is another winner! It glides on like silk and true to their word, it's not sticky! I chose a pink shade called Marble. You can see all the colors here - it's a good gloss, but this particular shade doesn't seem to have any color to it at all. I'm sure that this depends on the natural color of your lips to begin with. I will be picking up one of the darker shades at CVS to try out for color. Either way, i'll still use the Marble until it's gone. Love love love the feel of it.

So I give both products two thumbs up! 

The foundation retails for $11.99 and the lip balm for $6.49 - I never would have tried the foundation for $12, however, since I got to try it for free, I would now be happy to pay for it!