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Monday, August 29, 2011

No Poo Update

Week 2 of “no-poo”. That just sounds wrong. Nonetheless this is my update on NOT using shampoo and conditioner…

Last week I washed my hair twice. It started to look a little greasy on top – I think I used too much coconut oil. It’s a bit of an adjustment in how thick it is compared to the Bio-Silk that I’ve been using for years now. I’m officially OUT of Bio-Silk – at least at the Paisley Cottage. There’s a small container of it at the Robin’s Nest. At any rate, so far so good.

I’m looking for one of my old water bottles, the kind with the “sports cap” – I looked for the small version that used to be readily available in the beauty section of Walmart or Target. Now all they have are little tiny bottles like mini body wash that are TSA approved. “The Man” strikes again. *ugh* That was when I thought “HEY! What did I do with those dumb free water bottles?” yep – perfect. One for my baking soda mix and another for my vinegar water mix. Lids, squeezey goodness. Yep, that will work. I did end up buying two containers for the coconut oil. One is a travel size pump/spray bottle, the other is a slightly larger trigger style spray bottle – I bought that one to use on my skin, not my hair.

So back to my hair. No frizz! Most awesome thing EVER. I can let my hair AIR DRY – seriously. In Florida!

I’m thrilled with not having to blow dry my hair. I like the separation that I’m getting and the little bit of natural cur / texture that it’s bringing out.

So there’s my update on not using store bought shampoo. Gonna continue with it for awhile and see how much curl turns up.