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Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm neck deep in Spring Cleaning since Mr. Paisley is otherwise occupied for a few days. Today I have focused on my office. Lord have mercy...

My poor shredder is on overload. I've emptied it 5 times. It's overheated in protest 6 times since 11:30 a.m. 

Thus far the only monetary treasure i've unearthed is a 2001Vermont quarter. However, other treasures abound. I found a photo of me and my two BFFs from 1991. Senior Grad Nite at Disney. All I can say about that 

#1 seriously...i'm wearing a ROMPER...with a bib no less. It doesn't get any more awesome than that folks! (yes it does...that thing is still in my closet - no I don't wear it, but the 80s are back baby - just you wait, the 90s will be back again)
#2 shoulder pads...they were all the rage. Really.
#3 so were stockings and rayon "dressy" short sets...ahhh rayon.

If you're not familiar with "Grad Nite" Disney hosted it from the 70s (at least here in Florida) up until 2011. I went twice - one for "Jr. Grad Nite" for 8th grade "graduation" from Junior High and again in 1991 for Senior Grad Nite for high school. They have popular bands / musicians headlining and the park is (or was) closed except for the students. We had to dress up. Hence the lovely outfits above. No one in their right mind would normally wear that to Disney. Yep - rules were no tennis shoes, no school logos, no sports logos, no jeans, no hats...some of that changed later on (jeans and sneakers became acceptable as long as they weren't torn or low rise).

Who was performing for my Senior Grad Nite...don't hate! It was: Stevie B., Tara Kemp, En Vogue, Timmy T., C&C Music Factory

(at Jr. Grad Nite it was  Ready For The World, Rene & Angela, Animotion, Nu Shooz, Starpoint, Klymaxx, Miami Sound Machine, Sly know you're totally jealous)  

Not much else I can say about it...always good to look back on where you came from ;-)

I also found a new Circuit City credit expired in 2010...sadly (or not) Circuit City expired in 2009.

I found some new ink jet cartridges for a printer that died many years ago. I listed those in the free section of Craig's List earlier today as Canon still makes printers that use this particular cartridge. They may or may not be any good, but for free, someone might as well take a chance right?

I dug out a brand new, still in the box vintage 1980's Go Bot Command Center. My parents bought it for my brother (back in the day) and either decided not to give it to him or forgot where they hid it  before Christmas. I listed it on ebay once and sold it for $75 but the guy never paid for it and I never relisted it - I will be doing that soon. I would do it tomorrow, but there are 3 or 4 also NEW on ebay right now. Interesting.

My favorite find is a newspaper clipping - my scanner is currently buried so i'm going to throw some random bits from it here for your entertainment.

From The Orlando Sentinel, Wednesday, March 10, 1993 "Spring Break Survival Guide"
The write used the name "Tammy Tanline" (ha...not).

Top 10 Pickup Lines
TOP 10 pickup lines girls DON'T want to hear during Spring Break.
  •  If I were a pair of Reeboks, would you be my pump? (I totally had Reebok Pumps...)
  • You look like you could really use a Big Mac.
  • that really your father's Oldsmobile?
  • Hey, baby, is that sand in your teeth or are you just looking for more fiber in your diet?
  • Been on the Big Dipper yet?
  • I don't want to brag, but at home they named an anthill after me.
  • Listen, if it doesn't work out, I've got a friend who can get us on Divorce Court.
  • Dan Quayle told me you'd be here tonight.
  • Funny thing about those sloths...they had three toes.
and the #1 pick up line girls don't want to hear during Spring Break...
  • Are you pregnant?
The actual article is about dumb crap we all did in Daytona Beach during Spring Break. Ok not "we" - my Spring Breaks were spent in Cocoa Beach because, well, that's where the condo is and mostly free is good.

So it goes on to talk about Vanessa (a chem major from up north somewhere) who needed to blow off some academic steam and so she entered (and won) a wet t-shirt contest. Followed by an interview with Brad - the reigning home town hero - (Lyman High grad and student at UCF) who won a beer coozie and a hat for having the best (?), longest, most disgusting burp. He likened it to an earthquake coming out of his body. Awesome. On to Dan from Norwich U (a military school in Vermont apparently) who got a t-shirt for winning a belly-flop contest. 

Ahhh the "cool" stuff we did back in college during Spring Break. 

Speaking of Spring Break...I found some of MY last Spring Break photos...I will NOT be posting those. So sorry to disappoint. Some things are better left alone. Just sayin'...