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Sunday, May 6, 2012

In keeping with the Spring Cleaning theme...I found a couple of songs that were written for (or about) me. I don't really "get" lyrics (or poetry for that matter) so I don't really know.

Feel free to throw out any interpretations of this one

 Candlewax (a tragedy)

She stands in white flowing forrestry
Caring, but not knowing why
Looking about, she notices me
Enthralled with the wink of her eye

Captured in timeless tapestry,
Going, but not knowing where,
Turning around, she runs from me,
Her hands holding onto the air

She spent a long while in the monastary
Looking for some peace of mind
She's blind in the dark but she wants to see
Too bad it's a waste of her time

She stares at some strange monstrosity
That followed her out to the glen
She isn't sure, but she thinks it's me
Coming to see her again

And a shot in the dark pierced through a dream
As slumber was slipping away
And again and again somebody screamed
As night slowly fades into day

Now I'm going down to the edge of the sea
You know I will always be there
Where undertow dances with dying sea weed
And waves shout her name in the air

(typed as written - I take no credit for spelling here)