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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Here's the other song...or poem? IDK. I don't know if this one was finished or not. I assume it is...but who knows.


Drumming the rhythm of motion through space,
Collapsed within heartbeats, ages, and time,
Tears stain the scars set in my face
Sharing a reason and loosing the rhyme
All but forgotten in loneliness, bliss
Cold and dark footsteps remind her
Collections of her breath quietly hiss
And vision is cleared, the mind left blurred
Midnight within the collapsing heart
Pierced and suckled, drained and bled
Her world of shadows is blown apart
Within the limits of her head
But hush and hear the whispers speak
Their embers dimming through the night
With daylight's shadows, poised and sleek
The last immortal birthright.

 (typed as written - no spelling changes on my end)

Again, feel free to throw your interpretations out there.