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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Baby time!

One of my friends at work is having a baby in a couple of weeks so I had a little shower for her at the office yesterday.

I took the day off of work. She was annoyed LOL. We don't work at the same location, but she was going to be at my location for a meeting and we normally go out to lunch together on those days.

Now you know I made a fancy list to pull this off for a weekday afternoon when I'm working full time and don't get home until nearly 7. I ran my errands on my lunch breaks. I had nights mapped out to hard boil the eggs, to cut the fruit, to make the frosting ahead of time. of course none of that actually happened. I did it all Thursday night and Friday morning. I was up until 3am, then couldn't sleep. Back up at 7:45 because I forgot I still had to walk the dogs and do the usual morning iguana ritual...not to mention get myself showered and dressed, pack everything up in the truck AND stop at the Dollar Tree to get balloons (yeah, totally should have done THAT Thursday after work...apparently EVERYONE was buying balloons at 10:30 in the morning on Friday and the cashier running the register and doing balloons was like 70. The guy in front of me wanted 6 misc. birthday balloons...and told her to pick them out. No lie...I was #4 in line and I was there for 30 min to buy 3 balloons and a Diet Coke because I was dyin' at that point.) I ended up forgetting the ice. Oh temperature bottled water it is ladies!

I made fancy chicken salad on croissants, egg salad on croissants, lettuce cups with the leftover chicken and egg salads. Rainbow fruit kabobs with a cinnamon Greek yogurt dip, salad and vanilla cupcakes with pink icing.

Here are a couple of photos 

The balloons are tied to pink sippy cups filled with Kisses
Pardon my lopsided swirls...your first time with a pastry bag and being in a hurry are not the best combo for making fancy swirls.
 Egg salad - made with eggs fresh from the neighbor's chickens! Yum yum yum!
Chicken salad - ok I cheated on this one a little bit. I bought pre-cooked, sliced roasted chicken (sort of like Perdue Shortcuts) and chopped it up into smaller pieces before adding red grapes, slivered almonds and gala apple with a little Duke's mayo, S&P.
Nothing fancy here - typical American salad, lettuce, carrots, cabbage and tomatoes.
Different take on the paint chip strip napkin rings. I picked up some square paint chips and cut along the dividing lines and tucked in a napkin and the pink plasticware.
Fruit kabobs - red grapes, blueberries, green grapes, cantaloupe, and strawberries. They're on wood skewers stuck into a foam craft ring (wrapped in tissue paper and tulle ribbon) with a bowl in the middle to hold the Greek yogurt dip.
 She was surprised!

Here are a couple of the recipes.

Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes by Glorious Treats
Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting by Glorious Treats
Cinnamon Honey Yogurt Dip


C.A. said...

You know I am TOTALLY stealing your napkin ring idea, right? :) Everything looks AWESOME, Sister! GREAT JOB! If you have any other genius ideas for a baby shower, let me know.

Joey Hudson said...


~Robin~ said...

CindiAnn - have at. Joey - thank you :-)