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Saturday, August 10, 2013

I'm back...again.

Yes it's true. I'm back. The last few months have been a bit rough. More layoffs at work (thankfully I have made the cut the last two rounds of layoffs), Nichole's cancer fight  (from my previous post) - sadly, she lost her battle. She is missed terribly by many, many people.  A lot of vicious storms in East Tennessee - lots of trees down in the resort, lots of damage in the National Park - again, luck on my side - Robin's Nest escaped with only minor damage. We had little to no rain here in Central Florida early in the year and I must say, I have NEVER had so many allergy issues. My eyes water almost non-stop. I gave up on wearing eye make-up in December here in Florida. There have been some changes at Robin's Nest as well. The HOA is in full effect and frankly, it's going REALLY well! Some projects at the Paisley Cottage as well (when aren't there projects here? Really...). Mr. Paisley's grandmother passed away. My grandfather passed away. Sweet little Georgia Grace turned 2 as well. Two and a half! Can you believe it? She has quite the personality. She's also super smart (I know - who doesn't say that?) Here are some photos from the last uh...year and a half.  I know you can't really see her face, but i'm sort of iffy on plastering her all over the internet.  Trust me...she's super adorable ;-)

 Tebowing....Go Gators!
 Learning to kick the ball
  Stayin' Alive
(this was just before Christmas - I had just bought new cell phones and I couldn't figure out why the heck my pictures were blurry! know that protective film they put over the screen...and apparently the camera lens...Duh...)
  It's my 2nd birthday!
  I love to hunt for the Easter Eggs!
I love the beach! And I have super awesome curly hair! July 2013
Are you not dying?! *LOVE*