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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Choo choo...part 1

Remember this sneak peek? Probably wondering just what in the world this is all about...well, this shot was taken at the model railroad museum in Bryson City, NC.

This was our splurge this trip. Well, not the museum. It was included with the tickets for the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad that we purchased.

We decided to go on a 4 hour train ride to check out the fall color on the NC side of the mountains. Bryson City is about 2 hours away from our place in TN, so we chose the afternoon trip. 

We booked ourselves on a dining car just in case it was cold or rainy. It ended up a little rainy. Not cold at all. At any rate, we got there, paid to $5 to park and hoofed it over to the train station through what I guess would be considered downtown Bryson City. 

We had to be there an hour before the train departure. Evidently, everyone else was there more than an hour before because the place was PACKED. Since they gave us free passes for the railroad museum, we walked thru it since we had an hour to wait.

 All of these little things were animated - even the little workers.
 Train coming around the bend...there were probably 10 trains running different routes on this giant model rail setup.

 The log train...
They also had cases and cases lining the walls of all different scales and types of trains. For some reason this Tootsie Roll car made me laugh.
Oddly, it's not an expensive one...some of them were several thousand dollars.

So that's it for part 1 of the Choo Choo experience ;-)