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Monday, November 15, 2010

Project finished!

ALEXIS is done...

I started on this altered letter set probably 2 months ago...and then it got put away and ummm pretty much forgotten about. Then Ilene had her baby...Alexis. Crap. Then I forgot about it again with everything else going on around here. So last week she turned up at work...with the baby. CRAP! So I told myself all week that I was going to get it done before we went back up to the cabin so that if she came back to work again, it would be there for her - of course then I forgot about it. That is...until this afternoon when I was cleaning up the living room. There was a reusable shopping bag on the chair by the door and it was full of stuff...guess what I found in the bottom of that bag? Yep...ALEXIS. So I got my act together and knocked it out. 

I hope she likes it!

The nursery is done in pink, blue and spring green - I actually had a hard time with that color combination...I love it, just didn't feel like I was doing it justice. The photo isn't really doing it any favors either. On the A there are several crystals in pink, aqua and clear and the dark spots on the X are all clear crystals. I worked in a couple of my beloved PAISLEY bits. The large pink flower on the S actually has white polka dots on it and the ribbon tied thru it is solid hot pink satin on the edges and sheer down the middle. There's a little pink and silver enamel purse charm on the I, as well as some pale green crystals and a SISTERS label.. There are charms on a couple others as well. A pink and turquoise beaded one on the A, a blue crystal flower on the X, a silver heart on the S and a textured tear drop (that says BEAUTY on the other side) on the E. The bottom of the X says CHERISH in silver metal.  It looks more fun in person.

A couple of years ago I did a set for her adorable toddler Marissa. Here it is put up in her old nursery.

When she first told me she was pregnant with Alexis she told me she hated pink. I thought it was funny since she did Marissa's nursery in pink and brown.  I guess she did it because "it's a girl" and that's what you're supposed to do...from what I hear, Marissa's bedroom at their new house is NOT pink.


cynthia lee designs said...

Very cute!! I'm sure that she will love them!!