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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fabulous - it's a Goodwill score!

I haven't had much time to stalk my local Goodwill lately, but I made time last night (knowing that I had a million things to do before getting up ridiculously early on a Saturday to cart my happy butt to Silver Springs for a car show.

I saw a fake LV handbag - no thanks...

I saw this cool mid-century lamp
Which I totally don't need and don't have a place for, so I left it for someone else to get super excited about...

And then I saw this....and I whipped out my cell phone and quickly texted a picture to my mom. My text said "If this ur china...its poinsettias & ribbons..."

Umm yeah - obviously, I wasn't watching what was coming up on the screen as I was Swyping (if you don't know about Swype - look here - I use it on my Samsung Captivate Smartphone running Android)

After 30 seconds or so I called her. She doesn't text back fast enough and as I said, I had things to do's the conversation in Goodwill.
Her: Yes that's it. 
Me: Ummm ok, well, do you want it? 
Her: Well I have service for 8...
Me: Ok...
Her: How much is it?
Me: Ummm $.99 each piece. 3 coffee cups, 3 dinner plates, 4 saucers, 4 salad plates.
Her: That's a really good price.
Me: Ummm ok...
Her: Yeah, go ahead and get it.
Me: Ok bye

So I carefully stack the plates one by one checking for chips, and missing gold. They were a little gross...some of them looked like they were used for Christmas dinner last week and donated without being washed. Lovely. Then hooked a dainty coffee cup handle over 3 fingers and made my way from the far back corner of the store to the register up front. Half a set of china doesn't take long to get heavy. I often wonder why I don't just grab a cart when I walk in the door...just in case. Alas, I made it up front without incident. The one woman working was a manager and she checked all the price tags and wrapped each piece in newspaper and what seemed like an eternity later said "i'll give you the whole set for $2.99" Say what? So I say "really? You're my favorite person of the day!" and she lit up like a Christmas tree and said "thank you very much - are you 55 or older?" Say WHAT?! Ok, yeah, I need to get my hair colored, but geeze, it's just a FEW grays. So I say "ummm no." while thinking "you are SOOO NOT my favorite person of the I LOOK like I qualify for the Senior Discount? What the hell..." I pay my $3.19 and haul it out to the car and promptly end up waiting on the ding dong who decides to make a left across 4 lanes of traffic from the right hand turn lane. Moron. 

So I get home and think "i'll be nice and hand wash this lovely china rather than give it to my mom covered in schmootz" which I do and voila - cleaned up like a peach! Always nice to have some "extra" piece in case someone drops something and since they don't make this pattern anymore...

So if you read my blog and read one of the last posts about Christmas Traditions - then you can picture my family gathered around the dining room table at my parents' home on Christmas morning having the traditional Honey Puff pancake on this very same china...
That would be the infamous Honey Puff fresh from the oven.
Everyone say "Hi mom!"