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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I've gotten back on the coupon wagon...

After several months of slacking off, i've gotten my act together with my coupons and shopping. Saving money makes me happy! My plan is to post any of my shopping trips involving discounts - so that should get me back in the blogging saddle as well. 

Today's trip was to BJ's Wholesale Club. We go to BJ's almost every Sunday morning after breakfast. The main reason is cheaper gas since my sporty little horsepower machine sucks down the high priced juice. today it was $3.23. Usually it runs about $.10 a gallon less than the stations around the Paisley Cottage.

We also tend to pick up a gallon of milk, maybe a hot chicken, bananas, etc. Today I had some pretty good coupon match ups from the newspaper and the monthly BJ's coupon mailer.


  • Beef round steaks ($13.72 - 6 steaks)
  • 5 pack of Scotch lint rollers ($9.99 - 80 sheets each)
  • Laughing Cow cheese wedges ($6.69 - 3 containers)
  • 2 pack of Cetaphil Gentle Face Cleanser ($16.99 - 20 oz each)
  • Tyson Anytizer chicken fries ($10.99)
  • Pepperoni Totinos Pizza Rolls ($ 8.99 - 140 ct)
  • 24 pack of Berkley & Jensen flavored soda ($4.99)
  • Red Baron 12 single serve deep dish pizzas ($10.99)
Manufacturer Coupons:
  • $1 off any Scotch lint roller
  • $1 off Laughing Cow cheese
  • $1 off any Tyson Antizer
  • $1.50 off Red Baron Singles
BJ's Coupons:
  • $3 off 5 pack Scotch lint roller 
  • Bonus Coupon - purchase Totino's Pizza Rolls get 24 pack of B&J soda free (= $4.99)
  • $2.50 off any Laughing Cow or Baby-Bel product
  • $3.50 off Tyson Anytizer
  • $3 off Cetaphil
My savings was $22.49 - we used the self check-out and the first coupon Mr. Paisley scanned came up "coupon drawer full" and made the light flash and eventually some over zealous employee came over to clear it - and rather than empty the coupon drawer, she just manually entered all the coupons and I think she entered the one Mr. Paisley had already scanned a second time because I only bought 8 items and I can't account for the extra $1 off LOL and it doesn't say what the coupons are for on the receipt. 

My grand total was $62.94 (including 6.5% sales tax of $2.08)


Boy Mom said...

I really need to do the coupon thing but just can't find the courage to order the Sunday paper. I just know they would stack up to the ceiling and Adorable Hubby would go bonkers.

~Robin~ said...

Why would they stack up? If you are more inclined to keep all the actual inserts and clip as you go, one file drawer would be sufficient (or file cube) - just keep up with expirations. The P&G ones expire really quick. Plus ditch any pages that are for junk like cheap sweaters from Blair or ProActive. A lot of times those have the "junk" on both sides, rather than a coupon. Also, you might check with your local newspaper - ours offers a mailing service for free to non-subscribers that has all the store ads and coupons each week. Avoid the rest of the paper all together that way!