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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some of my recent side work...

Garrett and Layla were ordered by a coworker for gifts. 

Emma was a gift for my former payroll processor. She and my sister-in-law were on the same pregnancy calendar. She had her adorable little girl the week before my niece was born. Emma's nursery is pink and brown. 

I'm still working on the ones for Georgia Grace. Well, actually I haven't started on them yet. I have them...i'm waiting for some paper to be delivered. I was kinda hoping it would be here by now, but no such luck. Hopefully it will turn up so I can put them together this weekend. I know it's driving my sister-in-law nuts, even though Gigi is only 10 days old - actually TODAY was the day she was supposed to be delivered via scheduled c-section. Shannon changed her mind a few times on what she current "theme" is plain with lots of girlie bling in white and silver. Pretty tame for me - we shall see what I come up with!