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Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning...

Sucks. Let's face it...who LIKES Spring Cleaning?

The Paisley Cottage is in Spring Clean mode. Sort of on accident...well, I won't say accident. I'll say UNPLANNED (that means it's Mr. Paisley's fault and i'm not happy about it).

First - the majority of the family room is in the living room because the new floors are supposed to go down and the room should be painted (but still isn't...stay with me here). This always happens. Mr. P. lacks follow thru skills. It drives me crazy. He's working the next who knows how many Saturdays so who know when he's going to have a full weekend to get his helper over here to do the floor. With any luck at all it will at least get painted this week. At any rate...

I will be the first to admit, the Paisley Cottage is NOT always company ready. I can handle the regular "mess", but when more is added to it, I literally start to have panic attacks. Friday was one of those days. Mr. Paisley is lucky he was at the storage unit when I got home from work on Friday. I pulled into the driveway and saw my vintage stereo cabinet on the front porch. Honestly I don't care about the cabinet, what I care about is that it was in the guest room - aka the garage (we don't have a garage, thus, the guest room is basically a giant walk in closet for us) - a room that belongs on an episode of Hoarders.  I mentioned it awhile back. Then got side tracked.

So the fact that it was outside, made me flip out. The amount of stuff that had to be moved to get to the cabinet...OMG. You don't even know. I was literally shaking by the time I walked up the driveway to the front door. Here, i'll put it in perspective. Yep, my dirty laundry (so to speak) on the web for all to see.  Behold the guest room...the one that screams GO AWAY! Well really...I mean how welcoming is a room with a twin size, soft-side waterbed anyway?

Why yes, that is a car seat (and i'm not talking baby stuff) in the corner. One of 4 in there. Those are the 2 pieces of the back seat of one of our '65 mustangs. Mr. P decided to re-cover them the minute he bought the upholstery...even though the car wasn't ready to have the seats put in (and still isn't) instead of being able to leave them in the car...they have to be stored indoors now. Dandy. Right, the stereo's behind that car seat. See all the crap in front of it?

Well, here are pictures that I just snapped (as I write this post)

 Halloween costume? Actually it was made for a few trips to the huge Renaissance Festival that is (or was) held at Vizcaya (Miami, FL). My awesome mom made it for me - i'm pretty sure it has like 15 yards of fabric in it...however, it has gotten a ton of use and the fabric came from a clearance table - bad dye job, kinda streaky - hello - PERFECT. Right, we aren't talking about my costume.

With the exception of pulling all the bedding off and washing it, it's even been CLEANED from top to bottom. Quite a feat. Hence Spring Cleaning. As long as all this crap is getting pulled out and gone thru, might as well do it now. Spring or not...

Where's all the stuff you ask? Well, some is in the living room (but not much). A lot is in crates...tagged for a yard sale. Crates are at the storage unit. This is going to be the mother of all yard sales...let me tell you LOL. Mr. P even put up the new wood blind to replace the metal one that was jacked up due to a large lizard on the lam. Woo hoo! You might recognize my bread box...yep, still haven't finished that project. There's a set of Whitehall Indiana Glass footed tea glasses that I need to sell (as I finally found the amber ones I wanted at a reasonable price).

Of course now i'm wishing we had bought extra flooring for this room. The carpet is a wreck from when there was an iguana cage in front of the window. It'll get done eventually. The office, hall and living room  need new flooring too so it'll all get done at one time. Plus the place we got the flooring still has 154 boxes of what we bought. Doesn't seem to be flying out the door, so i'll be keeping an eye on it and hopefully will buy it when the other stuff is paid off!

Back to spring cleaning. 2 rooms down...6 to go. I'm washing curtains, cleaning blinds, scrubbing baseboards and getting rid of stuff left and right. The guest room is due for a makeover - the closet needs to be opened up to be more functional (double bi-fold doors instead of the single), the paint is tired, the carpet is done, there are a couple of water marks and a crack in the ceiling from the hurricanes tugging at the roof a few years ago.  It's time will come...but not until well after spring cleaning is over.

On that note, i'm off to enjoy an evening of what else? NCIS - seriously did you think I was going to say cleaning? No...not today. I prefer my mega cleaning to be planned so that I DON'T have some sort of anxiety's not planned for today. No dice - Mr. Paisley is on his own for it this evening.