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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am stuck on band-aid brand cause band-aids stuck on me

Thank you Barry Manilow for that catchy little tune...

A few days ago Midori was in a bit of a snit - i'm beginning to think mating season is never going to end - I picked him up to put him back in his cage and he sort of took a flying leap from my hands and bit me under the chin. 

Let's just say that's a spot that bleeds. A lot. I've been going thru Band-Aids like they're going out of style. I even ran us out of ones that were large enough to cover both marks...which are of course close enough together that I can't use two bandages and they can't be sticky around the pad. Lovely.

Lucky for me, CVS has a Band-Aid & Neosporin ECB deal this week! I'm good on Neo, but I did need to restock the bandage supply. So after sitting in the dark for 2 hours at work yesterday afternoon and not accomplishing a darn thing (we have some really ugly weather this week if you haven't seen it on your local news) I stopped by CVS on my way home since they appeared to have power.

Evidently, the power had been out because the Magic Coupon Machine was stuck on "updating please wait" and they couldn't take credit cards...oh and ECB weren't printing. 

Anywho - the deal is spend $10 on Band-Aid and/or Neosporin products and get $5 in ECB. Of course they're all on sale so you have to buy more than you might actually want to hit the $10 mark. I grab 3 boxes. 

1  45pk assorted size clear strips
1  20pk assorted size "plus antibiotic" (the hubs likes these)
1  30pk assorted flexible fabric (these seem to work best on my chin)

So she rings them up and one rings up at $.01. Now while that is awesome...she can't figure out which one it is AND it means I didn't hit $10. So "hold please" (they weren't busy) and I ran back to grab another box...yippy this means I can use my other $2/2 combo coupon (online printable for listerine, band-aids, neosporin) Sooo

$4.00 in coupons
$5.00 in hand written ECB by the manager
$3.58 for 4 boxes of Band-Aids

and I would bet that since it didn't print my ECB since stuff was jacked up due to the power outage, I can probably swing another deal (it's limit 1 per card).

Even if it doesn't generate another ECB it's still a pretty darn good deal (just printed 2 more coupons from my home computer).

So if you need Band-Aids or would be a good time to stock up!

On that note...i'm going to head out into this horrible weather and see if anything happens at work today. Tornado watch until 1pm today (so far), tornado warning until 8:45 this morning. Power went out around 4:30 yesterday due to a tree falling on the other side of the block - ripped the power lines down. They got it back up just after 1:00 this morning (mental note - when you go to bed with the power out, it's a good idea to make sure the light switches are all in the off position...just sayin'....cause when all the lights come on in the middle of the night, it's a little freaky...and bright...and interrupts your sleep) so yippy for hot water for a shower...