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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekly shopping at BJs

Well, it's not really weekly anymore since going to the budget. We still go in order to fill up my little sports car with that pricey juice, but unless we NEED something, we don't go into the actual store. It's a good thing.

It's been about 3 weeks since we last bought anything other than gas. So today was an IN day - woo hoo! 

I got:
1 - 9 pack of multi-grain English muffins
  • $2.99
3 - boxes (36 count) granola thins (you know the ones...dipped in dark chocolate on one side...mmmm)
  • $7.99 each
1 - gallon of skim milk
  • $2.89
1 - box (12 count) single serve deep dish pizzas
  • $11.99
1 - 1.5 lb jar of shredded Parmesan cheese
  • $6.99
1 - 3 lb bunch of bananas
  • $1.49
1 - big box of whole mushrooms (24oz maybe?)
  • $3.79
1- jug of Gain fabric softener
  • $9.99
1 - 12 ct Venus razor refills + a handle
  • $31.99 (Seriously...SERIOUSLY? WTH? Are they gold plated?)
1 - 3 pk Satin Care shave cream
  • $5.99
1 - 30 pk of Scott extra soft potty paper
  • $18.99

Total $121.07 + $4.36 in sales tax (that's $125.43 if you don't want to do the math)

But  know I had coupons.

$.55/1 Satin Care (too bad I didn't have 2 more)
$3/1 Gain liquid fabric softener
$1/1 Red Baron Singles pizza
$1/1 Scott bath tissue
$5 off 3 products from a given page in the ad magazine (in this case, the granola thins)
$5.99 free Satin Care when you buy any Venus razor refills
$5 off Gain liquid fabric softener (which I don't think is right).

Grand total $103.89 and Mr. Paisley is fired from doing self check out because my coupons are always screwed up!

There's 1 missing and 1 that is wrong.

There should have been a $3 and $4 off the Gain (one manufacturer, one BJs), there should have been a $3 and a $1 off the Scott's (one manufacturer, one BJs) - I don't know what the other $5 was for, I know I only had 1 $5 coupon. So i'm missing $1... DISLIKE. 

Yep, he was a bag boy in high school and he's fixin' to become bag boy at BJs when we use the self check out. That's twice that i've looked and found missing coupons. Grrrrr....