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Sunday, March 6, 2011

To quote Kermit..."it's not easy being green"

I decided I wanted to paint the family room green. What I had in mind was something olive-y. What I ended up with was a color match to Kermit the Frog.

Here are the paint chips I picked up that were in the green family.

These are the same colors as above, only without the flash turned on

The ones that I couldn't decide between were the two on the bottom and the one on the bottom of each of the cards at the top. 

Everyone said go with the one on the top right. Not one I had thought about, but I went with it. Worse yet, I went with it and DIDN'T get a sample jar to try it out. Nope, just jumped right in and bought it.

I hate it. Here are a few shots of the room in progress. Note how much LESS green and MORE "tansy" it looks on the cards...with and without the flash.'s green alright.

Actually, to be fair to Sherwin Williams and "Tansy Green", I don't hate the color. I actually like it and it's pretty much exactly what I wanted...for the guest room. A nice mossy green. There's nothing "tansy" about this green...except when you look at it on the card. It is indeed an exact match to the card, but it's a lot more...ummm...avacado? when there's a gallon of it on your walls. 

Mr. Paisley finished painting the room anyway, even though I told him after the first wall was done that I hated it for this room. His theory was that IF (ha ha...yeah, there is no IF on this one hon) we paint over it, the new color will have the same base. Ummm ok...yeah, like primer? Because after this fiasco, green is out. I don't care what shade of green it is. Of course this is all right after we put ourselves on a cash budget and I just tossed $45 worth of SW paint right out the window. If he had just quit when I told him I hated it, I could have used the 1/2 gallon that was left to do an accent wall in the guest room, but no...and this room, for having ZERO solid walls, took an entire gallon of paint. There's enough for touch-ups and that's it. Not that there will be any touching up. 

I'm sooo annoyed with myself on two levels. 1 for going with the popular vote on a color I had no interest in and 2 for not spending $5 on a sample jar to confirm my original choices were the way to go. 

*ugh* I know it's just paint, but i'm really ticked off about the whole thing. Mr. P says it will look different when the wood floors go down (says he's starting that tomorrow after work). will indeed look different. Right now there's a darker tan floor, next weekend (with any luck) the floor will be natural bamboo...hello yellow tone. We'll go from avacado to lime. Yeah, that will help. And by help I mean, speed up how long it takes me to get my happy arse to the store and get a can of I dunno what. I'm thinking a color called Harvester. It would flow much better with the kitchen (which you can see a peek of the orange that's in the 2nd photo above) and the soon to be installed flooring.

Here is the paint chip

And here is the floor sample (yep, I don't need no stinking color-match machine, I can color match in my head without even trying.)

When I showed it to the hubs he said he liked the green and didn't want the walls the same color as the floor. Well, it's not THE SAME, it's just one of several shades that are in the wood. And frankly, I picked the color off the chip based on the color of the kitchen without looking at the floor sample with it until just now when I scanned them both. Honestly, I didn't even realize it was the same color chip with the ceiling and trim color on it until I scanned it and went to add the arrow for Harvester. Imagine that, I picked the one 2 shades darker than the ceiling. Hello...

So with all that out's the finished paint. The sofa got moved back and the blinds were put back up, but that's it until the floors are done. Pay no attention the ceiling fan. It will get a make over on the verdigris parts no matter what color the walls end up.

Seriously. Someone please way or the other.


Laura (vanmama on 2Peas) said...

Ummm...well, it's a good strong color!

I actually like it. Are you hanging curtains at the windows? Sometimes that softens things...I hear ya on not liking the color. I have a room that everybody else seems to like the color and, months later, I still hate it.

C.A. said...

I like it. Stop hating on the green, woman. It has character!

Anonymous said...

I like it. It will be less when you put pictures, etc on the walls. I had the same feeling when I painted my LR green. Embrace the green! Give it a month of living in it, seeing the differences throughout the day & night. You might end up liking it!

Nicole in Wonderland said...

I like the green too. But then it's at your house. I just wonder what will happen to the color Harvester over that green.

This is serious.

~Robin~ said...

LOL Nicole...i'll be sure to prime first ;-)