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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Coupon Crazy Day!

Today I did my last minute CVS run for this week. I did pretty darn good I must say LOL.

Of course I scanned my card when I walked in and out came a $3/$10 First Aid purchase. Excellent, i'm planning to spend $20 on Excedrin - bring it!

The deal on Excedrin this week was spend $20, get $10 ECB. I had a $.75 coupon for 20ct or larger and a $1.50 coupon for 80ct or larger. I picked up a 250 count box of tablets for $15.49 and a 20ct box for $5.79. Bonus - the 20ct came with a free box of Excedrin PM attached. 

The math - $15.49 + $5.79 = $21.28,  $21.28 - $1.50 - $.75 = $18.78. Not bad - hey wait, I got that magic $3/$10 first aid coupon at the kiosk. Pain reliever = first aid. $18.78 - $3.00 = $15.78...and since my pre-coupon total met the $20 requirement, out popped $10 in ECB when I checked out. That makes my Excedrin purchase a whopping $5.78 - yep $.01 less than the shelf price of the 20ct bottle.


1 box of root touch up hair color on sale for $5.99. This was not a planned purchase and I know I had a coupon for it. At home. Yep, I didn't take my coupon binder. %$#(*&!

I had a $5/$20 coupon from the newspaper this week so I wanted to make sure I hit $20 - how about that for an excuse?

Let's continue...

CANDY! Big candy sales this week. Buy 2 get 1 for a $.01 on a bunch of stuff. Stuff I had coupons for. Mr. Paisley will get a little something sweet in his lunch bag this week.  Nestle and a couple others were buy one get one for a $.01 so I grabbed 6 full size Butterfinger bars - Mr. Paisley always gets a Butterfinger Blizzard when we go by Dairy Queen. I also had 3 coupons for $.50/2 Nestle singles. When the hell did candy get so expensive? $1.19 for a chocolate bar...

$1.19 X 2 + .01 = $2.39 for 3 bars. $2.39 - $.50 = $1.89 or $.63 per bar. Now we're talking!

I did this deal 3 times. 

More candy...
Hershey's bites / drops were BOGO $.01. Regular price $4.49. So $4.50 for two bags. I had 4 coupons for $2/2.
$4.50 - $2.00 = $2.50 or $1.25 each. Hardly more than a regular price candy bar. Meh.

I did this deal twice - snagging 2 bags of plain chocolate and 2 bags of cookies n cream. They were out of Reese's and Special Dark. Boo...

They also had a deal on Schick Hydro razors and blades. Buy the razor for $8.99 get $4 in ECB and there was a $4/1 coupon in the Sunday paper.  Same deal on the 4 pack of blades only the coupon in the paper was for $2/1. Good deal either way. I got one of each and had the $4 and $2 coupons.

Funny thing...ha ha. When I checked out, the only ECB on my receipt was the $10 for the Excedrin. There was a line and only one cashier so I just went with it figuring I would just call them and have the regenerate them. Upon closer inspection of my receipt...they were ringing up BOGO free. Weird...but i'll take it! Why? The blades were $8.79 and free. I would have gotten $8 in ECB. WOOT - and extra $.79 in savings for me. 

$8.99 + $8.79 = $17.78.  $17.78 - $4.00 - $2.00 = $11.78.  $11.78 - $8.79 (for the bogo) = $2.99 for a razor and 5 blades. I'll take it.

Now in addition to those coupons, I had my $3 ECB because my birthday was last week. Plus a handful of ECB from my last CVS trip totaling $11.

My pre-sale, pre-coupon total was $72.15, my coupon savings was $35.75 and my sale discounts totaled $22.11. Add the $1.43 in sales tax and voila! 80% off retail.

I love CVS!

Oh yeah...I also found a penny by my car in the parking lot ;-)