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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finished Living Room

Since I posted photos of the finished sofa, figured  I should also show the finished (for now) shots of the whole room. 

Across from the sofa - since I changed the bedding in the master bedroom, the toss pillows have a new home in the living room. Pardon the SUV parked on my lawn - we were having a party and (go figure) the cop (Mr. Paisley's brother) decided to park in the yard.
With the flash - so now you can see my grocery bags and coupon stuff sitting on the floor beside the trunk. Such is life...
The gorgeous sofa again - all of the art / wall hangings came from Ross - believe it or not. $29.99 for the 3 panels, $12.99 for the carved wood medallion and $6.99 for the metal fleur de lis. The mirror over the small Expedit inside the front door also came from Ross....back in 1997 when I bought the house. It was hanging in the master bathroom over the vanity until we redid the bathroom 5 years ago. The rug was a find at Marshall's. Fell in love with it the moment I saw it. $199 - it's wool and jute with a sculpted pattern. It was in the family room until I found a  rug similar to it (only much larger) at another Marshall's. You'll see that one later.
One of my beloved Expedit bookcases. 3 of the 4 baskets are full of my shoes...which I grab on my way out the door. The mess in the corner is 2 more blinds that need to be hung up in my office and a long wooden sign that is going to the cabin. They're out of the way...I wasn't going to move them to pretend there isn't random stuff stashed around the Paisley Cottage. The chair (as you can see) is my catchall when I walk in the door from work. My purse and my lunch bag get dropped there. Welcome to real life at the Cottage. The cellular shade on the door will be replaced shortly. It blended in with the previous door it just irritates me when I look at it. It's being replaced with a linen roman shade that will blend with the drop cloths hung on curtain rods drapes.
The corner bookcase is still there. Mr. P and I are working on a plan - we just haven't decided yet - so for now, it stays in all of it's mismatched glory. I drive a Mustang. Miss Georgia's car seat means the passenger seat has to be all the way forward and STRAIGHT up for the seat to fit in and hook up to LATCH and all that jazz. Thus it lives there in the living room when not in use so "big people" can sit in the front. At least it's color coordinated ;-)

Last but not least, my 4x4 Expedit (originally from IKEA, but you know me, I don't pay retail - I got it already assembled on Craig's List for $90) that replaced the bamboo dresser that was holding my stockpile. You can see some of the black and cream canvas bins - which are now holding the stock pile AND give me some display space as well. In the back of each of the top cubes I have a 12x12 scrapbook page frame with a piece of scrapbook paper that I liked (well 4 different ones) just to change it up a little. The arrangement on top is...well, stuff I just put there for the time being. A "rope ball" door stop, an orange glass lamp with linen shade, a carved wood bird, an easel with a creamy shabby chic mirror (both Goodwill finds), a Waterford crystal bowl and a hanging birdcage (with Spanish moss and a wooden Robin's egg in it) another Goodwill purchase. The moss came from the yard (hello, I do live in FL...that stuff is everywhere) and the egg was a trinket my parents brought me from their travels years ago. The little white bird is an altered Dollar Tree purchase. 

The lamp stays, any suggestion on what I should put there? Thought about hanging a framed something-or-other on the wall and then figuring out what to put up there that went with the artwork. I guess I could hang the mirror instead of having it on the easel...then it would reflect the window and natural light rather than...the ceiling. There's a thought. What would you put there?


angie @ the cellar door stories said...

i really like your rug!!!

thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on my porch swing makeover ~ i really appreciate it! definitely come back and let me know if you do something like it ~ i'd love to see what you come up with!

~Robin~ said...

Thank you! I was SO in love with that rug the minute I saw it. They actually had 2, one more gray jute and the other more tan (which is the one I bought). I texted the hubs a picture and said "hey do you care if I buy this $200 rug?" LOL he said no, so I did. Let's just say that it was interesting trying to roll it up - by myself - get it in a cart - by myself AND wrestle it into the backseat of a MUSTANG by myself! *whew* but I did it...and went back to work covered in rug fibers.