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Friday, June 17, 2011

Do you match your bag to your shoes?

That was the question of the day....

I have to say...sometimes. It's not something I think about. If it happens, it happens.

It just so happens that my bag and my shoes have been coordinated as of late. Mostly because my 2 favorite pairs of sandals have seen better days and i'm not wearing them to the office anymore. Now i'm wearing some super cute, super flat sandals that just so happen to work with the purse i've been carrying for ummm too long now. I have lots of shoes. I have lots of purses. It's not normal for me to wear the same shoes and carry the same bag for an entire week, but that's what's been happening lately. 

Here's the current favorite.

The sandals are not as bright gold as they look, much closer to the color of the purse. 
The bag is Steve Madden and I love it, except for the inside. The lining is a mess - it's not attached anywhere other than the zipper, so you have to use two hands to open the zippered pocket inside because when you pull on it, the whole inside of the bag moves. It's got 2 open pockets in it, but I don't like them either. They're not tall enough. My cell phone flips out of the one wide enough for it and always ends up in the bottom of my bag. Maybe if the lining were attached they would be more functional. I still love the way it looks on the outside. It has vertical ruffles on one side and the other side is just plain with a metal "Steve Madden" tag in the middle. I found it at Ross. I wasn't looking for a new purse, but when I cut thru that department it jumped off the rack and onto my arm....along with 2 others. The shoes also came from Ross. They're Dollhouse brand. I don't know who normally sells Dollhouse brand shoes, but I always find them in the discount department stores (Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls) and they tend to get their merchandise as buy outs from other places. At any rate, when I get them, they're super cheap and they're always comfortable. These sandals were a whopping $12.99.  I get compliments on them ALL the time. Last Friday the regional director commented on them when she and I nearly got stuck in the freight elevator together. I swear that elevator is possessed! Now this is a woman making uh way more money than I will ever make. A woman who wears beautiful, expensive clothing and carries $1000 bags. Frankly, she doesn't usually talk to anyone. So for her to comment on my cheap shoes - wow LOL. Of course I just thanked her and didn't say "oh I got them at Ross, they were cheap" that's not Southern.

So - do you match your shoes and your bag? Does Vera Bradley make anything other than flip flops because i'm not sure you can truly "match" shoes to her bags.


Sandy said...

Used to do the match thing, but not so much any more. But I notice that the Vera Bradley bag I've been carrying lately really clashes with some of the things I wear(usually when I'm out in public)!