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Monday, September 26, 2011

Designing Daughter...

My mother has been complaining forEVER that I just will NOT help her redo her house. Well, I don't because she won't commit. She won't pick a color and lately she's pointed out that our tastes are no longer the same. Difficult to work with no?

Well, i'm putting together a room for her on my blog. I'm making all the choices. Take it or leave it - alter where you see fit.

Let's start with bedding shall we? I like this.  Not sure about the matching curtains. I can live without matchy matchy.

What do I like about it? It's simple. It's plain, but still gives you something to look at. I like the quilting pattern and the texture that it adds. Not too masculine. Not too feminine. What's not to like? It also happens to be named "Harrison" which is my mother's father's name. Hmmmm....

I don't love the throw pillows, but they come with it. They might look good in the wing chair once it's reupholstered. I don't like everything to be too matchy matchy. Wait, didn't I just say that?

How about these pillows instead? Aqua for spring and summer, red and orange for fall and winter.

Ok, maybe not this's screaming female reproductive organs at me...

I'm a big fan of ikat  - what can I say? I'm thinking about buying a few of these for my lovely "new" creamy living room sofa.

Now put in all together on this bed...which I "built" using the cool interactive "build a bed" tool on the West Elm website. It's actually a storage bed. The "thing" at the foot of the mattress is a handle to effortlessly lift the mattress platform to access the giant storage compartment.  I like the tall headboard for a couple of reasons. #1 my parents have a big bedroom and it won't look gigantic in there. #2 you can put your pile of pillows in front of it and not cover the whole thing (unlike mine, where all you see is the top edge).

Also from West Elm - the Madison 6 drawer dresser and a pair of nightstands. I really like the feet.

I like this piece from Ballard Designs

And this three panel piece - but I think it's a bit bland for the wall color.
So we can kick it up a notch with this piece which works year round with any of the pillow colors - the colors work back to the birds on a branch piece above.  In my book, the subject and style of artwork can be opposite ends of the spectrum so long as the colors tie in to each other.

A pair of clear lamps to add a little sparkle without being girlie - 

Now throw some paint on the walls - i'm thinking neutral so we can change up the accessories for the seasons and whatnot. How about Cedar Key from Ben Moore? That would be the one on the right.
We can reupholster the wing chair in something neutral and classic like this (which I LOVE)

Aside from that - add some random accessories - candle sticks, books, decorative stuff for the dresser and night tables and that folks is an outfit (or a room in this case). Color, pattern, texture, shine...I think they're all present and accounted for - don't you?

Sadly, we'll never see this room come to fruition - for my mother finally decided to stop waiting for me and put her own room together. I haven't seen it in person yet, so no photos to show how far off I am from what she wanted. I will be sure to post photos once I have the opportunity to go take some.