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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quick before and after

I finally did a makeover on my vintage bamboo chest of drawers. Back story on this piece - i'm sure it's a 1970s vintage. My mom bought it (and matching night stand) from a friend of a friend for like $30 when I bought my house. My original bedding was sort of a Mediterranean sea side village design in cobalt blue, bright yellow, a little green, a little pink, etc and the reverse side and the bed skirt were in a two tone yellow diamond pattern. So these yellow bamboo pieces worked out quite well. Plus the chest is HUGE and the storage was awesome.

Here's a before shot of it - when we were in the middle of the living room redo earlier this year. It had been used to store some "stock pile" stuff - behind a rattan three panel screen, but then I ditched the screen and the yellow wasn't working, although I liked the chest. It had potential, just not in yellow.
And another shot of it in the living room. I know - it's so awesome you can't stop looking at it...yeah, me too.

Well, I couldn't bear to part with it and I didn't have anywhere to put it at the Florida house after purchasing a giant Expedit bookcase from Ikea to go on the wall where it was residing. to the cabin it went. 

Here it is today - in it's new home - the upstairs, master bedroom at Robin's Nest.
Black satin - pardon the blue cast from the sun coming in thru the curtains. As soon as we buy a new door i'll have wood blinds on the giant panel of glass and maybe my photos will look better when I take them last minute without paying attention to what i'm doing. Obviously, I need to move the artwork that is now behind the TV. Did I mention Mr. Paisley and I were hauling this thing up stairs ('s HEAVY, even with the drawers out of it!) up there the morning we were leaving to come back home? Yeah, then we had to haul the vintage Singer sewing table down the stairs - its the new TV stand for the living area. I don't think I took a picture of that...go figure. It works out MUCH better this way - more on that later, when I have photos to add to the story. 

Next time we go up there we'll be replacing the drawer slides and I might distress the bamboo trim a little just to make it pop. Then again, I might just leave it as is...

I'm always paranoid that friends will accidentally pack up some of our clothes that stay there. Now with two dressers we'll just leave one empty for company and leave our stuff in the other. No more sharing!  Problem solved for the cost of 2 cans of black spray paint and 1 can of matte clear coat. 

** and I totally just noticed that Mr. Paisley switched the drawer pulls on two of the drawers. LOL seriously - how did I miss that?! the 2 top drawers are actually slightly smaller than the bottom 3. Thus they had different pulls. Which I just notices are on drawer number 2 and number 5, instead of 1 and 2. I'll have to remember to switch those on the next trip.