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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Did you go to Big Lots on Sunday?

I said I would and I did - dragging Mr. Paisley along kicking and screaming! We had our usual breakfast at IHOP - only we were early. Evidently much earlier than usual because A) there was hardly anyone there and B) 3 of the servers commented on it being early for us LOL. Yeah...they know us there. 

So we headed down to Big Lots - it's not even 10 minutes down the road from IHOP. It was busy! Luckily they open earlier than noon on Sunday. I grabbed my reusable shopping bags, my 20% off coupons and a cart and made a quick loop thru the important sections. First order of business - the Keurig! Well 2 of them. Now as I said, i've been watching them for ever (well, since January anyway) at Big Lots and they were tagged $79 which is what I expected. Then there was another sign that said 'special' $69 - shut up! I grabbed the one I could reach and then impatiently waited for the hubs to amble over to reach one of the 2 that were on the top shelf - yes, there were THREE in the store. I did indeed snag two of them...with the coupon they were about $58 each. For that price, I was getting one for the house as well as the cabin, even though we don't drink coffee. I mean, it does make hot chocolate and hot tea as well...both of which I drink. 

I also grabbed 3 cans of Rustoleum spray paint $3 each before the coupon. Satin Colonial Red, Satin Cream and Satin Espresso. Yummy! I always have spray painting projects. Outside of that, I tossed in 2, 2 packs of disposable 9x13 cake pans with covers. Ever since I changed office locations it's pot luck city. They come in handy.

Did I mention I shoved Mr. P and one coffee maker into a separate line so I could get 2 $20 purchase credits toward my next 20% off coupon? Yep...sure did.