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Friday, July 22, 2011

Goodwill Hunting!

I finally made it back to Goodwill today. A few months ago, I changed office locations and now I don't pass the Goodwill on my way home from work every day. At least not the one I've always gone to...nope, I am now closer to the mother of all Goodwill stores - it actually used to be a department store. Montgomery Wards. It has the actual Goodwill Industries training / education center, a LARGE store, and the clearance outlet. Yep...and it's only about 10 minutes from the office. It's not like I haven't been there before, just not as frequently as the smaller store that is 5 minutes from my house. The big store could actually be on my way home from work as well...just depends on which road I decide to take home.

At any rate, today I didn't have a plan for lunch. So I just got in the car and drove...and ended up there (and then in the drive thru for a $2 Taco Bell lunch). It was crazy busy at 2 in the afternoon. I went in anyway.

This is a store you could spend all day in...because you're nearly shoved out of the way by workers putting more stuff on the shelves and racks while you're looking! Lord help me, if I leave now, I might miss something good they're about to bring out of the back! 

I spent $20.91 today. That's a lot for me...especially at a thrift store! My first find was a wood, square, chunky candle stick for $.99 - need. Have to make a stand for my new cloches! Then I found a lower case wooden "r" for $.69. Hello - Robin. Yeah, needed to add it to the "R" collection. Then SCORE, the matching candle stick for another $.99. Then I nearly knocked over a little old lady (not really...well, she wasn't OLD) to grab an old Scotch plaid thermos! $2.99 - it had the cup/lid and the cap.  It has a super clean, clear (glass?) interior, a rusty metal bottom and a dent that you can hardly see due to the plaid design. LOVE it! It will be going up on top of the cabinets at The Nest. Then for another $.99 I found one of the bowls to my mom's Christmas china (yeah, I know we've BTDT before - only this time it really IS her china - I didn't ask, I just know it's not my pattern LOL). Then I made another lap thru housewares to make sure I didn't miss anything and that was when I scored the two wooden geese - these will also be going to The Nest - they'll be great on the wall of the porch. I will be changing the ribbon and ditching the twigs and dead leaves (ummmm right...not sure what that is all about) - they might also lose the hearts. We'll see, that would require touch up work for sure. The large one was $7.99, the small one was $4.99.  A bit more than I think they're worth, but I haven't bought anything there in awhile, so I decided to get them.
Pardon the treadmill intruding on the photo op. I finally got Mr. Paisley to get it out of the storage unit for me and of course it's now just sitting in the middle of the living room - that will be changing.

Happy weekend!