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Thursday, October 6, 2011

It could be worse...

Let's face it, it can almost always be worse. Whatever "it" is, there are worse things. Mr. Paisley made BBQ ham steaks, green beans and wild rice for dinner. I ate it. It was good. My stomach is growling an hour later. I ate a full meal. I'm fortunate enough to be able to get my butt out of my office chair and go get something else to eat from the kitchen. Leftover crock pot Italian chicken. A salad. A piece of cheese. A Klondike bar. Is taking things for granted the same as just not thinking about the fact that not everyone has the options I do? 

I have a job. In fact I have too much work. There is certainly enough work to support a third person in my department, it's just not in the budget. Thus, i'm woefully behind. 

It could be worse.

One of my co-workers was laid off...or fired. I'm not sure which - last week. 

I'm annoyed that when my car came back from the body shop that they didn't buff out the minor scratches, nor fill the paint chips that I asked about when I dropped it off. 

It could be worse.

This morning traffic was tied up for hours on East Highway 50 - there was a car pinned under a flatbed semi trailer. (from what i've read online, both passengers in the car were taken to area hospitals, no mention of fatalities - hopefully they will recover - as for the car - pretty sure that can't be "buffed out")

Not long ago, a friend of mine posted a status update on Facebook that said -

"I watch people I love post negative after negative thoughts focusing on the bad in their lives....I'm living proof that if you focus on what you do have that is good you will see more good and then the good just starts to over flow...God is good it's up to you to see what you have!"

I'm pretty sure that was indirectly (or not) directed at several status updates that I had posted complaining about: the truck breaking down, spending more money to get it fixed (again), the non-stop rain on my vacation, which lead up to the roof on my vacation house leaking. Yea, I was having a moment...or 12. I guess I should be looking at the fact that since my truck broke down (again) that I *HAVE* a truck. And that since my roof was leaking that I *HAVE* a roof over my head...granted it's raining in my living room. Sorry if I find it a little difficult to focus on the "good" of both situations.

It could be worse. 

This whole post is because of a photo I saw pinned on Pinterest (I know...)
It comes from Freckles & Ivory

 Humble yourself. Indeed.