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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wow what a day!

Today my friends Rebekah (yes friendS - two of them, both Rebekah with a "K") and I hit the streets of Central Florida for some yard sales, thrift stores and Habitat ReStore. 

This whole day was based on a Facebook post. You see, I "like" the Seminole County ReStore. Mostly because they always post photos of the stuff they get in (unlike the other locations around here). So I happened to check Facebook when I was at lunch yesterday and there it was. Most awesome table EVER. I immediately texted it to Rebekah #2 because she and I just "get" each other with upcycling. Text was "OMG - WANT! Seminole ReStore" and her response was "OMG buy it! If you don't I will!" Done. This was mid afternoon Friday. ReStore is only open until 6. So we made plans to go yard sale shopping today. Which turned into girls day doing a little of everything. 

So - here's what started the whole day. I'm going to refinish it - and this is not the most stellar photo, so you'll have to live with it for now. I have to go pick it up Monday because - well, the SUV was FULL by the time we got there. Chairs, headboards, iron scroll work, we got good stuff today. More on that later.

 OMG can you totally dig this thing?! It's a coffee table - the "knot" on top really just holds the glass on top.  It just sits there with a little 1/2" or so peg thru the glass and into the table.
It's solid wood and...AND...A.N.D. the whole top turns. It's like a giant lazy susan!  When I first saw it, I immediately thought "Ballard" "Pottery Barn" - it's like a giant gear. 

$45 + tax - mine mine mine! It's not as huge as it looks. Cannot wait to refinish it! I have a couple of thoughts, but i'd love to hear your suggestions. 

ETA - after a little Googling... I found the same table (for real...) that sold (price not listed - boooo) on a site I have seen before. CRAZY Expensive.

Sultana - For Sale and  Sultana - SOLD

I've also found out (I love Google...I mean seriously) that it's vintage 1970 and it's from Ethan Allen. 
Popular Table - and lots of people really want to get their hands on one! 

$200 for sale in Maryland.

$380 in Houston comes with a matching lamp/table. I have a friend who just moved to Clear Lake...where these are located. Probably not her style though. 

Apartment Therapy - in a cool blue finish - blue doesn't work for me either, but I like it. I'm beginning to think I might ditch the glass top.

Throwing my find in for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday over at Coastal Charm it's been awhile since I had a minute to join in the party!

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