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Monday, October 3, 2011

Pinterest Inspiration #2

I said I was going to start DOING more of what I pin on Pinterest and I am!  Pinterest Inspiration #1 was not super interesting...nor was it any real work as I had already taken the photo before I pinned the one on Pinterest. Hey - I gotta start somewhere right?

Pinterest #2 is slightly more interesting and actually required a minor bit of effort on my part.

Mason Jar Wreath pinned from the "member junk" section of Junk Market Style 

I pinned this and two days later I stopped at one of my old Goodwill haunts (sadly, I don't get there much any more as it's near my old office...which is no where near my new office). What did I find? Are you serious? Too easy. 

A whole zip top bag full of mason jar lid rings. Mine for $1.99 + tax

Now these are not pretty, rusty, patina bearing, zinc pieces like the lovely one from Junk Market Style, BUT beggars can't be choosers. I'm pretty sure i'd never find enough vintage ones for a reasonable amount of money, nor in a reasonable amount of time. 

In the name of saving time (and deciding how to make them look more vintage), I went ahead and whipped up my wreath. It's not like it's hard to change...they're tied together with a piece of string. LOL

I added a fall bow since it's that time of year...

They are tied together with plain old kitchen string - for now. Evidently I left my twine at the cabin and i'm not running out to get some right now.

It's not staying where I hung it for the picture - i'm in the process of changing the mirror over my entry console again and since the hook was in the wall, I saw a photo op. ;-) I'm sure you will see it turn up elsewhere in a new photo, maybe even with a new finish.

By the way - the finished wreath is about 8" across (outside edges) and it is made up of 40 lid rings. FORTY! Canning isn't big here in Central Florida - maybe those of you up north and in the midwest (where I picture the canning parts of the US to be located) can pick up pretty old ones for a song.