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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like a snake moving into your walls. Yes, you read that right.

Mr. Paisley and I went out to dinner last night and upon our return I went to unlock the front door while he dragged the trash cans to the curb. It's yard trash day :-) Go green!

Currently there's a black, vintage milk can sitting to the left of the front door at the Cottage. The Cottage was built in the 40s and the exterior walls are essentially 2x4 studs clad in wood "novelty siding" on the outside and drywall or paneling on the inside. Most of the walls don't have insulation in them either. There are some places that do - any time we have had to pull off siding for one reason or another, we've insulated, but we're not at 100% yet. 

Anywho - because of the siding, the corners of the house have 1x4 trim boards wrapping around them. The front door is nearly at the corner of the house. It was almost 10pm and it was dark, with only the light from the Christmas lights behind me. I noticed the "mass" but frankly, up until  3 or 4 days ago, one of my fake black ravens from my fall decorating was still perched on top of the milk can - roughly the same spot as this slithering creature. It finally dawned on me that it was a snake. I don't like snakes. Thus I'm standing at the door, keys in hand and yelling "snake...snake...SNAKE!" and Mr. Paisley ignored me. I have a mini Mag-lite on my key ring and I turned it on, aimed at the wiggly mass and it backed into the "hole" - the hole being where the notch at the top of the siding board goes under the next board - leaving a "hole" so to speak...I don't know what kind of snake it is. I do know that it's NOT a black racer. It was lighter colored (maybe red? maybe brown?) with a pattern down it's back.

It was too dark for a picture...and I was too freaked out to have taken one anyway. Plus the snake chose not to stick around. every time I walk to the front door I'll be watching the corner for that dang serpent to pop out!