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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Reintro Day 3!

Today I slept thru my alarm. And with my new phone, the built in alarm clock apparently doesn't automatically snooze, because it hasn't gone off SINCE. WTH?!

I should have known that was going to lead into a crappy day...and it's only 8am. 

I overcooked my eggs and sandwich steak. The steak was still good, reminded me of how I like my Steak n Shake burgers "well done" so they're crispy around the edges. The eggs though...I pretty much only ate the over hard yolks. 

I think my trusty iMac is also on the way out. I think the hard drive is making noise. If I whack the front of the monitor near the apple logo the noise stops, but only for a few minutes. Needless to say I made sure Time Machine was backing up every hour.

I admit that I'm due for a new computer. This one has to be 5 years old...if not a little older. It's from before they got really thin. I wouldn't mind that upgrade - though I have said a million times that I'll never buy another Mac. This was my first and last. 

On that note - it's now 8:09am and I should have left the house by 8. I'm not dressed for work, no make-up and my lunch isn't packed. Actually it's not even made to be packed. 

I'm tempted to call in.

OH! The good news is that my knee seems to be fine! It hasn't hurt at all since I got up AND I haven't taken any pain pills (aka Aleve) or anything. I am going to toss my turmeric in my bag though and go back to taking those daily. Just in case. I also hopped on the scale again this morning. If it shows another pound + gone. I decided not to go to the doctor's office to get weighed. Motivation to stay on track through February. Go me!

Breakfast - overhard egg yolks and overcooked sandwich steak. Yum...

Lunch - can of pineapple chunks*, a Larabar and chicken salad. 

Snack - organic unsweetened applesauce

Dinner - blackend Mahi Mahi with avocado and (clarified) buttered mushrooms plus a side of asparagus. Delicious!

My day only got slightly better after leaving. I did actually get to work by 9 so I worked my old schedule since I was 30 minutes late. Good thing my boss doesn't care!  However, upon leaving I realized we were still under a Dense Fog Advisory. It was crazy! I think a lot of folks stayed home because of it, as there wasn't much traffic. 

*TMI - but hey...this is when we learn things about our bodies and food. That's why we are doing this Whole30. The pineapple had a not so pleasant "went right thru me" experience. I found that odd as I've been eating pineapple all along. I love pineapple. I don't know if it was the quantity or what, but I have 5 more cans, so I guess I will find out!