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Monday, February 1, 2016

Reintroduction Day 1

Well...we haven't really done anything different. LOL

We went to breakfast at the mom and pop home cookin' place again. No steaks on the breakfast menu today. So we improvised. We both had a 4oz burger patty, 2 eggs over medium, home fries (plain/done on the grill) and water. It was crazy busy for some reason this morning.

After that we went to BJ's and topped off my Jeep (still $1.65!) and Mr. P. ran down to Home Depot again while I went in and grabbed a few things. This week it really was only a few things LOL.  They had a coupon for $4.50 of the Tyson 10lb bag of boneless, skinless chicken boobs. Yep - not on my list, but they went in my cart! And the coupons are good thru mid-February, so I will be stocking up with 10lbs of chicken every week. They also had a coupon for $2 off 3lb of Land O' Lakes butter - which made it cheaper than the house brand. Grabbed another 4 pack of sparkling apple juice, a box of sandwich steaks and a bag of sirloin burgers. I almost bought those last week, but this week they had a clipless coupon for $4 off (last week it was only $2 off). I also grabbed a 2 pack of Northland Cran-Pom juice (100%) since it had a clipless coupon and a bag of organic Fuji apples.

After that we went to Aldi. Picked up 3 dozen eggs, a package of summer squash (holy crow the produce problems are starting to hit the prices here - last week they were under $2, this week they were almost $4). 3 avocados ($.39!), bananas, frozen cooked plantains, some button mushrooms, asparagus, baking potatoes and an 8 pack of Apple Cranberry LaCroix. 

Relatively cheap week of shopping.

I warmed up the leftover scallops and shrimp for a late afternoon snack and topped it with a big dollop of my spicy cashew sauce. Then I did more dishes...and threw chicken in the crock pot to make my chicken salad this week.

Oh I also picked up a 5 pack of sandwich size BPA free containers at Aldi so I can put lunch stuff together for Mr. P. since he doesn't do it. He's working late this week and his lazy "grab 2 apples and a banana" lunch is not going to cut it. I already portioned out 2 cans of black olives into 5 small containers so he can grab and go in the morning. I'm going to put 2 hot dogs (Applegate Farms) and sauerkraut in the sandwich containers and he can just take the mustard bottle with him. I'm not a fan of regular yellow mustard.

Dinner was 1 1/2 sirloin burger patties, DIFFERENT mixed veggie blend (zucchini, lima beans, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots) and avocado slices. The burgers were good - haven't had them before, but they cook in 12 minutes from frozen so they will be a great quick meal to have on hand.