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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Reintrocduction Day 2

It's reintro day 2 - nothing to see here. Today and tomorrow will both be back on the regular Whole30 diet to see if we have any unpleasant reactions to having legumes. I'm not expecting any...

Breakfast - 3 eggs over medium, 2 sandwich steaks.

Larabar for a snack.

Lunch - Outback! Medium sirloin, mixed veggies and a sweet potato - all plain. I forgot my clarified butter and pumpkin pie spice in my lunch back, so I did get cinnamon for the potato. I also ate my chicken salad in the afternoon.

Dinner - Balsamic Pork Chops with Rosemary. Compliments of my favorite Northern grocery store - Wegmans! Plus a side of the usual mixed vegetable blend - carrots, water chestnuts, sugar snap peas, broccoli...

The pork was delicious. I clearly ate way more than I should have today, but I was actually hungry when I ate. It wasn't out of boredom. I had plenty of work to keep me busy at the office today.

My lunch buddy "made" me go for a walk with her. Against my better judgement I went for one lap. In a maxi dress and flats. Just as we were coming around the corner to my "exit" at the end of that lap my right knee popped. It was a rather sharp pain. I tried to walk it off and limped back to my desk where I didn't move the rest of the day. I did bend and straight it a few times and it hurt each and every one of them. When I got up to leave I got the same sharp pain and limped on out the door. Halfway to the Jeep it seemed ok. It hurt like a when I got into the Jeep. It hurt (though not as sharply) just pivoting my foot between the gas and the brake. Not cool. I limped my way to the front door. Hopefully it'll be fine tomorrow. I'll be busting on the arnica gel and taking my turmeric pills again for a while. Those are two things my herbalist put me one for a previous knee injury (I stepped on the mat outside the shower and it slid while my other foot was still firmly planted in the shower - you never think it's going to happen to you! This was one of those memory foam mats that had a rubber backing on it, but it just wouldn't grip on my tile floor so it went in the wash and off to Goodwill!) I'm not sure if it's good or bad, but it's the other knee this time. I guess we'll see what happens.

Against my better judgement, I stepped on the scale this morning. The house scale hasn't been working, but it worked and seemed to be relatively accurate. It showed 10 pounds less than what I was at the doctor's office. I'm sure their scale is WAAAAAY more accurate, so I'm going to try to pop in tomorrow and see if I can hop on their scale to get an accurate reading.  The last time I used our scale it was off by 50+ pounds. So I'm taking that 10 pound loss with a grain of salt for now.

I'm not 100% sure I want to get on their scale though. My appointment is in March. I'm leaning toward NOT being weighed until then - more as a motivation factor for not wanting to disappoint the doctor, plus that's another month for me to really enforce the habits (or routine...) that I've gotten used to over the past 30+ days.

I have to get all my blood work done again at the end of February - 2 weeks before my appointment - so it will be interesting to see what, if any, changes there are there.

I saw a picture of myself back before Christmas. I can only say that I'm more than a little mortified. Oh and I can TOTALLY see a difference in my face. That picture will not see the light of day until I'm at a point where I am comfortable taking an "after" shot.