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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Paisley...

Mr. Paisley is 36 today. This morning I let him sleep in...but only until 9:30. Then I woke him up -

Breakfast in bed!
There you go ladies...that's the extent of my "table scape" participation.  You all set such beautiful tables...I set a breakfast tray. Such is life.

So while Mr. Paisley slept in and then got breakfast in's how MY morning went.

Woke up with my back killing me. 
Started to make breakfast for myself - a bagel thin with some Nutella. Yep, Mr. P gets everything but the kitchen sink and I have a dry piece of bread.

So after I ate my mmmm yummy delicious bagel thin I turned on the oven and got the bacon ready to put in. And burned it. So I did it again. Not quite done - good thing Mr. Paisley isn't particular about bacon. Then I tossed another bagel thin in the toaster...and burned it. So I made another one - which I slathered with cream cheese. While this was going on I scrambled a couple of eggs with some extra egg whites, a dab of butter and forgot about them. So I had to pull all the crunchy edges off. Then I dumped them on one of my dessert plates. They're clear glass with blue and white flowers all over them. I got them at Pier 1 a few million years ago on clearance for like $1 each. I got them in Miami. Not that you asked. Then I decided I needed a place mat for the tray. The only ones I could get to were holiday themed...except for these nice plastic-ish woven orange ones.  Well they're nearly as big as the tray and the cute little Pottery Barn vase with freshly cut hibiscus from the garden wouldn't sit on it because of the weave.  A clean dish towel will do. Festive fall colors and room for the vase to sit.

I added some cheese to the eggs and threw it all on the tray. Then shook my head. These table scape ladies in blog land would never let me live down a fall place mat (dish towel) with a blue and white modern plate and white cranberry juice served in a coke bottle green iced tea glass with palm trees on it. No no...that will never do. I will NEVER be popular in blog land with an unmatched table scape!  So I did what any other crazy attention whore blogger would do - I took a matching plate off the wall and found a clear juice glass and replated the whole dang thing only to upload my photos and find that the bacon looks like a slab of ribs. Whatever...that's what you get at 9am on a Saturday.

Obviously I didn't bother to iron the dish rag before using it as a place mat and I didn't mound my fluffy scrambled eggs so that you could see the pretty border on the salad plate. Yes salad plate...because the dinner plate is on the wall over the baker's rack...over a shelf, which would have required me getting a ladder to get it down and that was most definitely NOT going to happen at 9am on any more...

So you is what I almost got away with. Please note that Mr. Paisley wouldn't have noticed the difference between the two.

See? The plate has egg residue...and yes, yes those are indeed REAL place mats that are fall colored right there on my kitchen table. Did I mention it was early and my back hurt? Obviously that was the reason that it didn't dawn on me to just use one of those.  Lord have mercy...

Happy Birthday - I love you!


cajunsis said...

Very cute post. Love the set up - don't know who blogs about place settings, but what a great idea! Hope he had a wonderful birthday.

~Robin~ said...

OMG! You should totally check out Tablescape Thursdays! It's a blog party hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch!

C.A. said...

Mr. Paisley is an infant, and your "Tray-ble" scape is bangin'. You took him to Cafe' Tu Tu Tango...I'm thinking he had a pretty good day, woman.

Stop burning things, please.