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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rain RAIN go away...

I pulled into the driveway at 6:42 this evening and the rain started coming down at that exact moment. We got a good, steady, soaking rain - great for the yard since it's been so hot. The heat index was 110 today before the rain...welcome to summer in Florida. While the rain was steady, it didn't qualify for torrential downpour status...the thunder and lightening on the other hand...HOLY BUCKETS! The windows were rattling. Things on shelves were rattling. The iguanas were on point (funny how animals are keenly aware of the weather). The rain finally let up about 30 minutes ago and Mr. Paisley went out back for some reason and someone has been busy...

This is not for the squeamish! It's creeping me out just thinking about it. Spiders...I HATE them. They give me the willies. Anything larger than a pencil eraser and i'm done. Blech! So here's what's been going on out back this evening. Looks like the bats have a little competition for dinner tonight.

Seriously? Do you see the size of that thing? I have no idea how I will ever get to sleep tonight knowing that it's practically right outside my bedroom window. Are you imagining how big that web is?! The gray blob in the background is a Mustang. The umbrella over the hot tub is a 10' spread! ACK!
Mr. Paisley suggested that I get up in the morning and take better photos when it's all covered with dew...ummmm yeah. I'll think about it. I'm sure it would be amazing, but ummm we'll see how well they come out with the zoom lens from the deck.

And on that note...I think i'll link up to the Outdoor Wednesday party at A Southern Daydreamer!

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