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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Update of sorts...

I'm still working on my little "twin project" for the mail organizer thingy. My trusty can of spray paint seems to have disappeared. I did sand and prime it...just haven't been motivated enough to go to the hardware store.

Monday morning just before 8 Mike from Air Flow Designs knocked on my door and I gave him the scoop on my AC.  Mr. P showed up a few minutes later and 2 hours after that, we finished filling out all the paperwork for our new AC that will be installed on Friday. Rock on - luckily our AC is still running and keeping the house just won't stop running. Turns out our AC unit was last made in 1990. According to Mike we are lucky it's run this long...even though it was a good unit at the time. Our new unit is a Carrier unit 15.5 SEER AC/Heat pump/Air handler/Thermostat all new copper lines, opening up the air handler closet to be larger for the new unit, new concrete pad for the exterior unit, dehumidifier, Puron, washable filter, two speed, something or other with 6 months same as cash financing for the low low, friend of a friend of Air Flow (yeah, he's my dad's neighbor), Carrier rebate, tax credit, etc discounts price of $7160. Which is a lot of money...BUT, Mike says with the dehumidifier we will be able to set the temp 2-3 degrees higher and it will still feel like our normal 79. Excellent. So in addition to saving $20 a month of disposable Filtrete filters (that's $240 a year savings) and at least $50 off the power bill each month (that's $600 min savings) it really won't take long to pay for itself. It also has a 10 year warranty including 2 years of labor. Awesome! AND we get a free dinner out of it, because my dad will get a $100 Darden gift card (you know - Olive Garden, Dead Lobster, Bahama Breeze, Long Horn) for referring us...and with any luck WE we also get a $100 gift card to Darden because i've already referred a friend who I know needs at least 1 AC unit like yesterday. Sweet! I won't be here, but Mr. Paisley will since he's doing all the electrical himself (sometimes it's handy to be married to an electrician)...I'll attempt to get him to take pictures...I know y'all are DYING to see an AC install (ha ha ha...).

Iggy girl ended up going to the vet Monday afternoon (because Dr. Bruce was on vacation) where she was poked and prodded and BEHAVED thru the whole thing. NOT AT ALL like her...Dr. Bruce didn't find anything wrong during the prodding, but her lab results came back today and her potassium level is high so no more bananas for awhile. Aside from that - she popped on Mr. Paisley in the waiting room (ha!) and again in her crate on the way home. Really not like her...normally she goes once like every other day. Anywho, when Mr. P got home and took the crate apart to clean it...SURPRISE....Iggy girl has pin worms (OMG gag me with a spoon, the thought makes me want to vomit).  Well worms might explain something. Dr. Bruce whipped up drugs for that...she gets a dose once a day for 3 days and then we do it all again in 3 weeks. Well, not "we" - Mr. P...cause now i'm totally grossed out.  

How she got worms? Dr. Bruce blames her food. She's been fed from the garden and from store bought fruit / veggies - he said even when they're washed they could still have the bacteria on them, etc. Really? How about now *I* don't ever want to eat another fruit or vegetable for the rest of my life?

Needless to say Midori and Smirnoff have been eating the same now I one of us (you can guess which one) needs to do poop check for more worms. Did I mention that makes me gag and I want to vomit just saying "worms"?

On that note...I'm going to take a shower because all this worm talk is making me a little itchy...and then i'm going to hop into the hot tub and check out the "Clear Water Blue".

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