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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Are we there yet?

It's the day after Christmas and Mr. Paisley and I have been in the truck In fact I am blogging this from my heated seat.

We got a late start this morning...seems Mr. P. Has picked up some kind of crud that is going around. Great! Amazingly traffic has been fine. It just started snowing again. Big chunky flakes!

We did take a break around 1:00. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch...along with everyone else. 25 minute wait for two people! Crazy...

They had their Christmas stuff 50% off. Would have thought it would be more...didn't buy anything other than lunch. I had that yummy grilled chicken orchard salad.

We are currently about 30 minutes outside of Knoxville and the snow is coming down nicely. The digital display in the truck says it's 29°. I think it's colder...I'm pretty sure the heat from the engine throws it off a little.

My awesome brother just called from the Paisley Cottage - he went to cover my plants since it's dropping below freezing tonight in Orlando. Super glad he did because he said the hot tub was uncovered. Well half open. Wonder which neighbor kid did that...I know it was covered this morning when I did the last load of laundry. Time to put the locking clips on it I guess.

Just wanted to do a quick post since I downloaded Blogger-droid. Figured I should try it out. All I can say is thank God for SWYPE. Never could have thumb typed this post on this bumpy road.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!!

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Boy Mom said...

First time stopping by. You have a fun blog, we share a love for antiques.

Fun Christmas traditions! Trying the HOney Puff soon!

~Robin~ said...

Thanks for stopping by!