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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas decorating...

I didn't do much at the cabin this year. It didn't get cold until the Friday going into the weekend we were packing up to come back to I just wasn't feeling it. Didn't even put up the outdoor lights. Such is life.

After packing up the fall stuff, I pulled out the Christmas bins that were under the bed. Found a few surprises (don't remember buying some of it), threw some stuff together and here's what we got!

The wood plate I picked up in the clearance section of Marshall's last year. The wood reindeer were a Goodwill find , the somewhat creepy snowman/angel was also from Goodwill, the Christmas tin sign was a score at Ross last year for $4.99. Pine cones were free picked them up in our woods across the driveway. The stockings were $1.99 each at World Market last year. The rocking reindeer was a cheap clearance purchase several years ago - Coldwater Creek. The metal "paper chain" garland is from Terry's Village (had a $10 merchandise credit to use). Umm oh the funky metal tree was $15 on sale at Marshall's last year. Pardon the basket of pine cones. Forgot to move it before I took the picture. The other stuff is usually there including the basket of pine cones! 

 The front deck got cleaned up and I added that cute winter pillow that I picked up at our Old Time Pottery that went out of business (i'm sure I paid about $1 for it) and one of my beloved painted canvas pieces - it doesn't show well from the angle that I took the photo, but it's basically a close up of a door with a wreath in really rich colors and it says "Gather here for the Holidays"
 I finally painted the tin star I picked up last year at I. R. Cheap (seriously...that's the name of the store). I.R. Cheap the first time I went in there I left with a full cart. The last couple of times i've left with ZIPPO - not impressed at all. Anywho - the star was kind of a gold / tan color that pretty much just blended in with everything at the cabin. Flat black spray paint is my new love...and I covered that star with love. Then I stuffed some floral foam in the pocket, grabbed Mr. Paisley's handy dandy wire cutters and cut up the floral bits I picked up at the Old Time Pottery that is still open. One bunch of holly and 4 of those red glitter curly cuecue things (don't know what they're supposed to be, but I HEART them for they sparkle...) clipped, stuck in the foam, fluffed, and called it a day. Now the whole deal is hanging on the chimney welcoming our guests.
 Another shot of the front porch - my poinsettias look orange...very nice.
 And yes...evidently I never took a full shot of the cabin before we get part of the chimney and part of a ladder. Ain't it grand?