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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MIA...yes I am.

Let me just say...I am NOT ready for Christmas this year. I'm ALWAYS done shopping in November and have everything wrapped and ready to go within the first week of December. I like to have my trees up and all the packages underneath so that I can sit in the living room with my cup of hot cocoa in the evenings and admire all the prettiness...not this year. 

One tree. It's not even decorated the way I wanted it. I wasn't in the mood...the first ornament case I opened was my Florida Gator yes indeed, our Christmas tree is decked out in blue, orange and green ornaments, filled in here and there with different sizes of shiny royal blue and copper Christmas balls and white ribbon running thru the tree with a giant fluffy white bow on top.

Here's the tree  in all it's glory. Actually, it looks like this was before I put the other ribbons on it. Such is life...that seems to be the way things are going this time of year at the Paisley Cottage!
 I used to get these handmade clay ornaments at a local Fall Craft Festival, but I haven't been there in years...this little gator is under his favorite palm tree on his Florida Gator beach towel.
 One of two gorgeous stained glass pieces...
 One of this year's additions from Danbury Mint.
 Last year's Danbury ornament - it has a multi-color LED light in it (it's blue in this shot - look in the "holes") at the top left of the ornament)
 One of my favorites - a gift from my mom many years ago. Old school Albert! He's 24k gold plated.
 Another from the craft fair lady - baby gator in a wreath.
 Picked this one up on our trip to the cabin in November. I bought it at Christmas Place (which is amazing if you've never been)
 Hand painted...not by me.
 From Gatorland in Kissimmee, FL...
 Gators on the move...
 Simple little wood Gator with a blue and orange holly necklace of sorts...
 What Gator tree would be complete without Gator candy canes?
 What can I's blurry.
 This is one of the few oblong shaped ones...they're hard to find. Almost always round.
Gators cheer bear! This was from the series Cracker Barrel used to carry (I think I have 4 or 5 from the series)
 The 2nd Danbury ornament this year - they cheaped out (shocking) and just made a hole in the bottom of the ornaments this year - you have to hang them where you can stick one of the tree lights into it.
 Stained glass #2!
Albert flying high in his Gator plane...

These are not all of my Gator ornaments, just a few I snapped some quick shots of...there are plenty more. Enough to cover a 6.5" tree anyway!