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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just Peachy

I lucked into getting an hour or so to browse my favorite antique mall on our trip to TN - simply because we got off to a bad start. 

We were supposed to leave when I got home from work that Friday night...however on my drive home one of the radio traffic reports informed me that there was a fuel spill on the Florida Turnpike northbound due to a tractor trailer accident. They had it shut down to one lane getting by and traffic was backed up to the 429. Not good. Walked in the door, told Mr. P (who HATES to sit in traffic) and of course he had to verify that for himself (because I might just make that up so I could finish packing). It was indeed a fact. So I did do a little more packing and then we went out to eat. When we got back home, we went to bed and set the alarm for 2am. We were on the road by 3. Ouch.

Our first stop was the Florida Georgia visitor's center / rest stop. Mr. P was sure that the few hours of sleep he got were fine. Evidently, he has forgotten that we are both rapidly approaching 40. All nighters are a thing of the past...I think he's in denial.  So after a 45 minute nap in the truck at the rest stop, we drove 30 min or so down the road and hit up Cracker Barrel for an early (for us) breakfast around 7am. Back on the road and a couple of hours later he was yawning again. Time for another nap? Excellent - we're coming up on my FAVORITE place to wander...and one that he is always hoping that I am asleep when we pass by. The Big Peach Antique Mall in Byron, GA. Check out their website for info and if you're in the area - do drop in...

Here are a few photos from that trip while I was inside shopping and Mr. Paisley was napping under a big tree in the parking area.

Could be the ugliest pair of pants on the planet...I'm happy that I was born after these were popular. Lord have mercy...
GORGEOUS old dough bowl. Not willing to pay $54.75 for it.
My beloved iced tea glasses...I believe they are Fostoria. I've been coveting them for awhile now. Not willing to pay $5 each for them. *sigh*
Lovely vintage butterfly quilt...
Vintage Christmas baubles!
You know me...I go right to the Americana stuff for the cabin - for $90 I left it there. (really? $90? No...)
The vintage china that I want so badly...look at this huge set!
Love the fall mother tells me that my grandmother (my dad's mom) had this and she left it at the last house she moved out of...along with a bunch of other stuff that she didn't mention she was just leaving for the next owners. WHAT?! *sigh*
These creepy feet salt and pepper shakers totally gross me out...
LOVE. Time three...

Awesome vintage china chandelier with pink roses - shabby chic at it's finest!
LOVE this vintage snack set - how cute is that?!
Had to take a picture...raise your hand if you spent hours dressing this weird flat plastic "doll" in scraps of fabric like I did!
Frankly, I think this should say husband...
and last but not least...this wicked cool vintage hanging light fixture. 

On a side note - on the last row of booths...near the very last booth before I would have turned the corner to walk out the door. I found.... MY ICED TEA GLASSES! Set of 8 for  $20! I all but ran to the front to grab a cart to load them up.  No chips, no haze from the dishwasher...8 perfect tea glasses in amber. 

I also picked up a black and white speckled enamel cake pan (simple round) for $1 and a Chinese abacus for $5 (marked $10, but everything in the booth was 1/2 off).

You can kinda see the abacus in this photo - on the far left of the shelf - in front of the juggling pins.  Bad photo (well, for the abacus LOL), I guess I didn't take a close up of it. It has Chinese symbols down both of the long sides and on the bar separating the top and bottom rows. It looks old...but who knows. For $5 I thought it was a great piece for my shelf.

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Pearl Maple said...

Fabulous place to go treasure hunting so many sweet things just looking for a new place to shine.