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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall makes me want to purge...

as in get rid of stuff, not sticking my finger down my throat. Ugh! That's one kind of purging you'll never catch me doing! There are few things I dislike as much as revisiting my last meal. Blech!

I had to work today. I was out the door at 7:15 this morning and rolled in just before 3:00 this afternoon. My feet were KILLING ME. Been up and running all over since I got to work just before 8:00. The dogs were barkin'...and I was exhausted. So I crashed...about an hour later Mr. P rolled in from work and woke me up to tell me he was home. Really? Of course I couldn't go back to sleep. So with the dogs still barkin' I got up, lit my Yankee candle on the stove (Harvest of course) and turned the AC down so it felt a little more fall-like in the house. Far too hot and muggy to open the windows. I spent the afternoon doing laundry and pitching stuff left and right. WOO HOO. Granted NONE of it came from the dreaded guest room. It's on my list for tomorrow though. Not that i'll get it handled, but there will be progress made.

I've said it before, but i'll say it again - my house has pretty much zero storage space. Fact of life for the time being. I will admit it here in guest room looks a whole lot like a scene from Hoarding: Buried Alive.  It's making me crazy. It's making me very anxious. It's causing me not to sleep at night. I can close the door, but I know it's still there. I will never claim that the Paisley Cottage is always company ready. Two adults with full time jobs live here. One of the two wasn't taught to pick up after themselves...most of the time, the other one is just too dang tired to do it every single day after work. One of the two is fixin' to get a very specific chore order to keep the other one from going bonkers. Stay tuned for how that works out.

Some of what is in there is from the living room...which is still "under construction". Mr. Paisley is still not done painting. He swears he'll get the inside of the front door, the rest of the window frames, the ceiling in the hallway and the FOUR doors in the hallway painted tomorrow. 

I have half a dozen projects going on at the same time. One is a quick one and I will use it as tomorrow's post. Some of those are in the guest room...maybe I can get them done after work this week and get them movin' on out of there.

Today I filled the orange recycle bin to the halfway mark (from empty). We just got a notice from the county that in addition to newspaper, brown paper bags, cardboard and paperboard, we can now add catalogs, junk mail, magazines and office paper (not shredded). Excellent! Needless to say, I found plenty to put in there. Out out out AND recycled. Go Green when possible!

I'm pretty sure i'm not a hoarder. I like to be organized. I have no problem getting rid of things. You will not find empty water / soda bottles, empty pizza boxes, rotting food, dead animals (except maybe a poor lizard that got in and couldn't find it's way out and is now laying behind the dresser all crispy) or any other straight up trash in my guest room. I often wonder why they just can't throw away the garbage. Sometimes I see those rooms on TV and think "dude, once you throw out the garbage, there isn't that much crap in there".  Aside from the mass quantity of paper, I also tossed some clothing, added some more clothing to the donate bag and wrapped up 2 Housewarmer size Yankee candles for birthday gifts for people at work.  This was after Mr. Paisley turned Midori loose and then left the room...he (Midori) promptly made his way into the closet in the master bedroom. When Mr. Paisley dug him out, he left everything he took out of the closet on the bed and or floor...for me to deal with. Really? I'm your wife, not your since it was out, I dumped the laundry baskets and went thru the stuff. Toss toss toss...maybe i'll post a before shot of the guest room. Maybe not. Maybe I will when it's done.

Yard sale anyone?

Buried in Treasures: Help for Compulsive Acquiring, Saving, and Hoarding Digging Out: Helping Your Loved One Manage Clutter, Hoarding, and Compulsive Acquiring


Wingnut said...

My house is a wreck and there are projects to be done everyone. I'm working on the laundry one as we speak :P Like you, we're not quite hoarders, but just lots of stuff with no real place to put it. Lots of stuff that's never used and just needs to GO.

I live with *3* people who don't really understand the concept of picking up after themselves. 2 of them are my fault, the other is not :P