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Friday, February 12, 2016

Reintro - Day 11

Day 11 - DAY 11! Do you know what that means? We're done. Officially done with our first Whole30.

We followed the 10 day reintroduction schedule and today is our last "2nd Whole30 day" after the last reintroduction.

We ended up going out for dinner. Sharon's again - because it's easy.

I got up late so I didn't have enough time to make breakfast and lunch (food prep people, I'm telling you it's the key to success with eating this way) so I made lunch and at 2/3 of it for breakfast when I got to the office. Then went to Outback with a couple of co-workers. I had the usual...only I changed it up and had them GRILL the steak - still plain though.

Breakfast was chicken salad. I added a Fuji apple, dried, unsweetened cranberries, and slivered almonds. 

At some point I also ate 2 unsweetened applesauce cups and a Larabar...oh and a fruit snack thing. 

One thing to note - I have gained back 3 pounds since gluten grain reintroduction day. With all the carbs I ate in one day - I'm not even a little surprised.

Mr. P. did sort of surprise me last night on the way home from dinner saying he wasn't opposed to continuing to eat this way for the most part - but "I will not be giving up beer" LOL. Fine. I'll take it!

I suppose I'm going to just try to slip back into Whole30 here and get those 3 pounds back off and do my best to food prep on Sundays. I admit - I would have had time for breakfast yesterday if I had actually shredded my chicken and made the chicken salad in advance - oh and portioned it out into grab and go containers. Mr. P. has been taking his pretty regularly. 

I have a 3 day weekend coming up. I think I will do a full clean out of the fridge - add the new shelf liner that I bought a while back and get rid of things we won't be using anymore. Set yourself up for success and you can do it...right?

This will probably be my last daily update. I will continue to share new Whole30 recipes that we try, any new observations, challenges, and successes as well.