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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reintro Day 8

Nothing exciting today. I'm still not back to 100% so...

Breakfast was a Larabar.

Lunch was chicken salad with homemade mayo, dried cranberries (unsweetened) and a diced Fuji apple. I also had a fruit cup.

Dinner was OUT. We went to Sharon's and we both got a 4oz burger patty, 2 over medium eggs and home fries (no butter, made on the griddle).

Oh - I may have had 2 squares of dark chocolate with coconut from a Lindt bar that my husband put in my Christmas stocking. I still have 2/3 of it, plus a mini Toblerone bar, a 2 pack of peanut butter cup trees and another whole chocolate bar that I can't remember.  Once upon a time I would have wolfed down a whole bar in nothing flat. Two squares of dark chocolate is perfect. 

Tonight was a grilled bologna special night at Sharon's. Man did I want it. It used to be on their menu as a sandwich. It came as a thick slice of grilled bologna with American cheese, mayo and a grilled, buttered bun with sesame seeds. OMG. It's a southern staple y'all! They also had coconut cream french toast! 

Alas - tomorrow is grain day! Pasta and bread oh my! Mr. P. plans on having beer. Personally I don't put that under grain....but whatever. 

The best thing about today - minus not having to do dinner dishes - was a BAT! Mr. P. rescued a tiny little evening bat at work. It didn't appear to have any injuries at all, but it was awful cold and damp yesterday - raining off an one. My guess is that the poor little guy got all wet and cold and just couldn't make it home. He was balled up on the driveway at Mr. P's place of work - which thankfully doesn't have much traffic - and what traffic it does have, is controlled by security badge access. Poor little guy could have been run over! Luckily, the hubs is always keeping an eye out for the critters and rescues one critter or another on a daily basis. Typically it's snakes, frogs, and lizards that get into gear boxes or in the building. So this tiny little guy got to ride around half the day in a nice warm box in the truck. Eventually I got a hold of our local wildlife rescuer and she does take bats so he met up with her and passed off this ridiculously cute little creature. She assessed him and said he's good to go, probably cold and rain. She's going to keep him a few days to let him rest and get him fed on the regular and then we can let him go. 

Just hanging a...bat.

Look how tiny! It's on the tip of his finger!

Getting a little crazy...
On the move!

Terrible video of a video that our rescue lady shot while she was feeding him tonight.