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Sunday, January 31, 2016

OMG it's DAY 30!!

Holy crap! It's Day 30! 

Last night I had a dream that I took a bite out of a burger - complete with the bun, cheese and bacon before I could stop myself and THEN a potato chip! Then I broke down sobbing because I was going to have to start the Whole30 over from Day 1. I was a bit frantic when I woke up. I've been known to self sabotage. NOT THIS TIME. NOT. This. Time.

Beautiful day in Central Florida. Got up before 8am, lots to do around the house. My mom came over to help out! She got here while Mr. P. was making breakfast. Nothing fancy - over medium eggs and sandwich steaks. Why mess with a good thing?

So it was a bit chilly this morning so I had put on leggings and a tunic length sweatshirt type top and my mom said "that top is huge". So I told her that I had bought the gray one a size larger because my regular size was too tight in this particular top - which I had ordered earlier in a really pretty magenta - purple color. So I pulled that one out and put it on and it fits. Not only does it fit, but it's loose enough that it doesn't cling anywhere. Like it's JUST RIGHT - like it's how it's supposed to look! She said "that's much better" - I guess I can toss the gray one in the dryer and see if it shrinks at all now!

I also keep pulling up my leggings. You know - leggings. The pants that fit like a second skin and shouldn't be worn as, well...pants. In fact I walked out to the back 40 to get the lawnmower and my arse was nearly hanging out by the time I got there (had my hands full so I couldn't pull them up while walking). For real people - I am now really, really curious as to how much weight I have lost.

Mom wanted something to eat, so I nuked her a tray of TGI Friday's spinach and artichoke dip that was in the freezer (since we won't be eating it) and the rest of an open package of party pumpernickel. Then I whipped up chicken salad for myself and had a bottle of sparkling apple juice. 

I'm kinda beside myself here...Whole30 does magical things people. MAGICAL. 

One of my friends just started yesterday. The food pictures she posted on FaceBook yesterday looked amazing. If I can do it, she can do it! You got this Heather!

Dinner was L.A.T.E. Like 9pm late. Mr. P. didn't bother to take a lunch break while doing stuff around the house, so while he was making dinner he ate 4 Applegate Farms hot dogs with mustard and sauerkraut. Seriously? He seared some shrimp and scallops in clarified butter, garlic, black Hawaiian volcano salt and some pepper and then tossed a bag of mixed veggies in the microwave. It was good. I added spicy cashew sauce because I have half a jar left (and it's good...LOL). I didn't even heat it up. I just took little bits of it with my fork before adding on a shrimp or whatever. Yum yum!

I celebrated by having a large glass of white grape juice - 100% juice of course. I don't love white grape juice. It's not the same as regular grape juice...but I'm kinda cheap and it was CRAZY cheap at BJ's last weekend with a clipless coupon. I prefer the Wellsley Farms house brand 100% apple juice or 100% cranberry from OceanSpray. I did not care for the inexpensive 100% juice "cranberry" that I picked up at the Walmart Neighborhood Grocery. While it was 100% juice, it was not 100% CRANBERRY juice and neither of us liked it enough to buy it again, even if it's $3 less. You get what you pay for.