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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not so hidden treasure...

I stopped at the Goodwill on the way home from work and while I haven't had my blog up and running long, I have managed to keep up with everyone else!

So with Faded Charm's White Wednesday in the back of my mind, I was immediately drawn to this gorgeous little shabby mirror. I paid $8 for it - still has the $24 TJ Maxx sticker on the back. Then I found this chippy, shabby, creamy white, fabulously textured pot...or is it a vase? Who knows. It has part of a Target tag on the bottom and I paid $2 for it. No work needed - perfect AS IS!
I also picked up a whole mess (that equates to 4 in this case) of carved wood candle sticks! Love love love the detail on them. The large ones were $1.99 each and the small ones were $.99 each.  I thought with a quick coat of creamy white spray paint and a quick once over with a little stain to bring out the carved detail that they would make a great grouping on the mantel at the cabin.
I have the cabin decorated in a country / Americana / red, white and blue scheme. Since it's a genuine log cabin, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. is wood. Wood...wood...wood...oh and the stone fireplace. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the wood, but it needs to be broken up a little bit!

Here's the mantel as it was when I last re-arranged it at the beginning of April.  Boring!
In my's very narrow, so I can't get much depth going . I have grand plans to top that mantel with a deeper, chunky, wood piece. Maybe black (again with the wood...everywhere...). It also doesn't help that it's split stone and there's not a flat spot to be getting things to look straight is a bit of a challenge. The two pieces on the left are glass cylanders with a white swirl pattern. I'm not sure if they're vases or candle holders, but they each have a vanilla scented flameless candle in them now and I paid $2.49 for each on clearance at Ross years ago...when I thought they'd come in handy for wedding decorations. They were actually left over from the "winter" collection (which I admit was MUCH better than this pathetic bit and of course it doesn't appear as though I took a picture of it then).  The mirrored stars are a fixture. For now. I love them...they had been in their original boxes under the bed in my guest room for two or three years before we bought the cabin. Finally found them a home!

The majority of my decorations come from thrift stores or clearance sections of stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls...even Big Lots, Craig's List and eBay. I paid next to nothing for everything (why pay more than you have to?!) and it all pulls together in the end. Usually. 

More on cabin decor later (that's the front deck at the cabin in the Paisley Pumpkin blog banner).