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Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome to (part of) my Cottage

This is one of my favorite rooms - the OUTDOOR room! AKA the deck. Living in Florida we're outdoors year round and we use our deck to death!

One day, Nathan decided we needed a deck. Once he decides something, it is going to happen quickly. This was taken day 1 April 4 (a few years ago).

 And this was April 5
And this photo was taken April 19 after one of my parents' neighbors left the patio set out for the trash pick up (really - can you imagine?) Needless to say, the railing was up on the 6th and in May the landscaping started.

And here's a photo I took this past Sunday when I was doing my weekly Garden Update photos.

As you can see - we added a step, have a new larger grill, the house has been painted again, the curtains were replaced with wood blinds, new chair cushions, new umbrella, twisty wrought iron plant hangers, some mulch, copper post caps, flower boxes and of course the landscaping has filled in!
Spider plants in hanging baskets, red begonias in flower boxes, Mexican petunias along one side with some liriope grass...
This is a view from the other side....along the other railing is a crepe myrtle tree, a giant red hibiscus and a some more liriope.

Oh and I can't forget Croakers. He (?) lives in one of the flower boxes. Some times he disappears for a few days, but he usually comes back. Especially if we forget to water the begonias and his little hidey hole goes dry. He doesn't care for that I guess!

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